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This article highlights Key updates of SuccessFactors PMGM 2H 2022  Release Innovations.

There are 34 updates in total wherein 22 are universal and 12 are Admin opt-in changes.

There are a few Release Updates for 360 Reviews. I have devoted a separate blog post to those.

Click here to view the 360 Reviews Blog Post

Let's have a look at the Important PMGM announcements.


New Confirmation Experience for Sending Forms

This new feature is taken from the  Customer Community. The user experience enhancement allows users to confirm the routing action without navigating them to a separate page.

SAP offers a new confirmation experience for sending Performance Management forms to the next or previous step. When users send a form, a message popup appears and allows them to confirm the action.

The new experience, if enabled, applies to the following actions:

  • Send forms to the next step

  • Send forms in an iterative or collaboration step

  • Send forms to the previous step

  • Sign forms

  • Reject forms

  • Send a copy of the completed forms

The highlighted button in the popup shows the default text or a customized one in a route map. If you've defined step exit text in the route map, it's shown in the popup. If you've configured the comment field, it's also shown in the popup.

Sending Form to Iterative Step

If an iterative step has no or several entry users, when sending a form to this step, the current step user selects a recipient from a dropdown in the popup.


Managing General Audit

You can now enable auditing for page access, data export, and proxy sessions using the new tool Manage General Audit in Admin Center.

Enable general audit to expand auditing coverage and gain more insight into your system. Also, configure the retention period for the generated audit data to ensure compliance and improve storage efficiency.

  • By default, auditing for data export and proxy sessions is enabled. Auditing for page access is by default disabled.

  • You can turn off auditing for proxy sessions or turn on auditing for page access according to your business needs. You can't turn off auditing for data export.

  • By default, audit data of data export is retained for 180 days and proxy sessions or page access is retained for 365 days. You can change the default retention period for all three types of auditing according to your business needs.

 Prerequisites RBP

You have the Administrator  Admin Center Permissions  Manage General Audit Configuration. You need View permission to access Manage General Audit. You need Edit permission to change default configurations.


New Bound Action: approveSession

You can now use the bound action, approveSession, under the CalSession.svc OData API V4 service, to finalize a calibration session that is in the In Progress or Approving status. The associated form will be automatically routed to the next step if the source of the Calibration data is Performance Management.

SAP provides this bound action to support more session operations from a third-party system.


More Gender Values in Calibration Views

Gender indication in Calibration views has been redesigned. Previously, only Male and females were supported for visualization in Calibration Views. Now, SAP also supports the other three standard values: Unknown, Undeclared, and Others.

When the gender of an employee hasn't been specified in the system yet, it will be indicated as No Selection.

The gender icon is displayed next to the employee's name and the corresponding icons for each gender value are as follows:


Remove Subjects from Calibration Sessions

You can now remove subjects from all calibration sessions. Previously, you could only remove subjects from inactive sessions or those that were still in the setup status.

A new admin tool, Remove Subjects from Calibration Sessions, has been built, where you can search for the sessions where an employee has been included as a calibration subject.

When the employee is included in many sessions, you narrow down the search results by selecting a calibration template name. Then, only the sessions created with the specified template are listed.

SAP has built this feature to provide you more flexibility in handling data privacy, with which you can remove individual employees' calibration information by session. If a calibration session is created with People Profile as the data source, after you remove the subjects, their calibration information is removed from People Profile as well.

Enhancement to Guidelines Enforcement During Mass Finalization

SAP has  enhanced the enforcement of distribution guidelines so that more guidelines enforcement scenarios are supported when you finalize multiple sessions at one time.

It is now supported in three more guideline scenarios:

  • More than one rating is included in a guideline, that is, the guideline is defined with a rating group.

  • An operator other than "=" is configured in a guideline, that is, the guideline is defined with a rating range.

  • Not all ratings have a guideline.

When you select multiple sessions to finalize, those whose distribution of subjects doesn't meet one of the above-mentioned definitions cannot be finalized until you've adjusted the distribution. Previously, these guidelines were enforced only when you finalized individual sessions.

SAP has built this enhancement to ensure a consistent system behavior for enforcing distribution guidelines.

New Actions Available in Action Search

A few new actions related to 360 ReviewsPeople ProfileJob Information, etc. are now available in the global header search box. Users can enter the exact text of action or select from suggested actions to navigate to the desired product page.

The new actions are - Career Explorer, View Activities, View team absences, 360 Executive Review, View 360 Reviews Forms, View my profile, View my personal information, View job Information for., View my job information, View my organizational information, View organizational information for...

These new actions take users directly to product pages that are otherwise accessible through multiple steps in the SAP SuccessFactors system and also help Digital Assistant to consume new use cases.

More Jobs on Job Monitor in Scheduled Job Manager

More job types are now available on the Job Monitor tab in the Scheduled Job Manager tool.

You can use the Job Monitor tab (previously called Scheduled Jobs) to monitor the progress and check the results of scheduled job requests, for supported job types.

Manage Jobs in Scheduled Job Manager

You can now manage scheduled jobs on the Job Scheduler tab in the Scheduled Job Manager tool, for supported job types.

You can use the Job Scheduler tab (previously called Scheduled Job Requests) to complete the following actions:

  • Create a scheduled job request (to define which job type you want to run, on what schedule, and who receives email notifications about it).

  • Submit a scheduled job request (so that the job runs at the next scheduled time).

  • Run a job immediately (without waiting for the next scheduled time).

  • Edit an existing scheduled job request (such as changing the recurrence or owner).

  • Cancel a scheduled job request (so that the job is still set up but doesn't run anymore).

  • Delete a scheduled job request (to remove it completely from the system).

Person-Based Performance History Block in People Profile

The Performance History block in People Profile can now show employees' performance review data from multiple employments. It can also show inactive users' performance history.

If Admin Center  Company System and Logo Settings  Enable Person-Based Performance History Block is selected, when users review the Performance History block of employees' one employment, they're informed that the block shows information from all employments. If there's no performance history, they're informed that no data is found for any employment. The exact number of employments that users view depends on their granted permissions.

This enhancement benefits Employee Central customers who use the multiple employment feature. It gives both employees and managers a consolidated view on employees' performance review data from all employments.

Two New Joins Between Audit Trail and User in Story Reports

In Story reports, you can now join the Audit Trail table and the User schema using the Step Owner and Proxy User of Step Owner tables to report user information. The new feature is not available for any existing reports created before the 2H 2022 release.

This feature allows customers to report more comprehensive information about step owners in a form's audit trail records.

Updated Character Count for Continuous Feedback Topic Field

SAP has changed the character count for the Continuous Feedback topic field to 200 characters. This allows an improved user experience to view the entire content for the feedback topic text.

Continuous Feedback offers users a more guided, question-based approach to receive or request feedback. When requesting or giving feedback, users provide a feedback topic and ask questions.

Now, the character count for a Continuous Feedback topic field is 200 and the field automatically expands to show the entire text.

Previously, the character count was 500 and was displayed as a single line in the field. That feedback topic field didn't expand for longer topic text.

New Quick Action to Give Feedback on the Latest Home Page

Employees can now choose to Give Feedback from the Quick Actions section on the latest home page.

The ability to give feedback is instrumental to ensuring employee engagement and continuous development.

When the Give Feedback is selected, the user can search and select one person, input a topic, and provide feedback to the other user.

In the current version, the latest home page has quick actions for Request Feedback and Give Feedback for continuous feedback.

Leave Comments on Goals

In the latest Goal Management, users can now add, edit, or delete comments on their own goals or those of their direct reports.

Using comments, users in your organization can:

  • Provide comments or make an inquiry on a goal

  • Keep a trackable record of status changes to a goal

  • Share ideas on how to achieve a goal

Comments can also be managed in Performance Management forms, 360 Reviews forms, and Career Development.

In the latest Goal Management, the updated comment feature is supported and comments are shown on the goal details page. Previously in legacy Goal Management, comments are shown in the goal list or on the goal editing page.


Work with the Latest Team Goals

In additional to personal goals, users can now create, manage, and be assigned team goals in the latest Goal Management. Meanwhile, group goals are no longer supported.

Additionally, users can manage team goals assigned to them in Performance Management forms, 360 Reviews forms, and Continuous Performance Management.


Copy Goals from Goal Plans

In the latest Goal Management, users can now copy personal goals from their own goal plans as a new option to create goals.

When users need to create a goal that is similar to a previously completed goal in any of their goal plans, they can simply copy the goal. The new goal will be all set with a few clicks.

SAP has developed this feature to enable users to efficiently create goals without having to go through the entire creation procedure.

Replacement of Continuous Performance Management Legacy Version with the Continuous Performance Management Latest Version

I have written an entire blog post on this change covering the Changes, Limitations, and  How to Upgrade. Click here to view the entire blog post

See my earlier blog post for more information on the universal Reimagined Home Page upgrade- 1H 2022 Release. It has a lot of info to keep you updated on the latest release.

To get more information on all the release changes, please refer to the link below. 

What’s New Viewer: Click here

Please feel free to share your ideas and questions in the comment box of this blog. I'd be glad to share what I know with you. Also, do share your thoughts on the latest changes, and the features you valued the most.  Share this blog with your colleagues.

Thank you!!
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