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I have been working on few projects where we deployed Recruiting, Onboarding and Employee Central. There is a very well defined and stable inter-module integration between these applications. Once a candidate is hired, the data can flow to Onboarding and then to EC for pending new hires. That is when all the data of a candidate is captured as part of new hire event.

In this process, the profile data gets populated and updated in candidate profile and then flows to Employee/People profile.

Candidate profile – Candidate Profile captures candidate data. Candidate fills this info when they create their profile as an applicant. This information is relevant for recruiting process and can be made available to the hiring managers, recruiters and for reporting etc.

Employee– Employee Profile captures all the basic information about the employee, The Employee Profile also offers the ability to store information in background elements, called portlets for data like: work experience within company, previous employment, formal education, courses, certifications etc.


People Profile is next generation of employee profile that is based Fiori based UI and captures employee data as employee profile


Data Synch Process between Candidate Profile and Employee/People Profile

Once the candidate becomes an employee, the employee can also apply for an open requisition using the internal career site. The employee data is maintained in employee/people profile while the candidate data is maintained in candidate profile. For an employee the data in candidate profile and Employee/People profile needs to be in sync at any point of time and also the employee should maintain that data only at one place. What this means is that, if employees, maintains data on employee profile the candidate profile needs to be synched / updated .Likewise if the candidate profile data is updated , the data needs to be synched / updated in employee profile.

To ensure this data accuracy, and one-time data entry and profile synchronization, SuccessFactors provides succession data model (SM) mapping in the candidate profile template to perform this config. This configuration has to be performed to ensure that the data is in synch.




How to configure synch between candidate profile and people profile

Below I will describe the steps of how to perform this synchronization between Employee Profile and Candidate Profile in real time.

I will focus the configuration using XML templates and not the manage templates.

Step 1: Review and ensure that standard and background elements are available in SM data model

Before beginning with SM mapping, we need to ensure that all the standard and Background elements with their the data are available in Succession Data model template (especially the once that need to be mapped with the candidate profile). If they do not exist add these background elements and data fields using <background-element> and <data-field> and <standard-element> XML tags in the succession data model.



Step 2: Standard/Background elements need to be enabled in People Profile

The standard & background elements that need to be mapped to the Candidate Profile have to be enabled or made visible in the People Profile. It can be added as follows

Go to Admin Center → In Company processes and cycles Select Employee Files→ In Employee Files select Configure People Profile




Step 3: SM mapping in Candidate Profile Template

Perform SM mapping in the candidate profile template (CPT) using the <sm-mapping> tags

  • The ‘field-id’ corresponds to the candidate profile background element

  • ‘map-to’ corresponds to the Succession data model background element

Sample-Screen shot below


For the bidirectional sync to happen without issues, all the fields mapped should have the exactly same field type and picklist in both templates (Candidate Profile Template and SM )

For eg. Mapping of Education from Candidate Profile to same field of Education in Employee Profile


If type or picklist don’t match, we get an error when saving Candidate Profile provisioning or via “manage templates”


Step 4 : Field Permission in Candidate Profile Template

In Candidate Profile Template, field Permissions has to be given to all the profiles. For SM mapping, Candidates need to have write and read permission to all the fields/background elements that are mapped in SM mapping,




Step 5 : Element Permission in Data Model Template

In Succession Data Model Template, element-permission needs to be given to all the Background elements that  are used in sm mapping.




The configuration is now complete. The Employees can now update their profile information either in Candidate profile or Employee Profile. The data will be in consistent and in synch in both profiles real-time.

Any date that is mapped and saved on one profile is synched on the other profile

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