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SAP Enable Now is SAP’s solution for the creation and delivery of training material and in-application help. It’s a great product, packed with great features for both content creators and content consumers. It’s also maintained by a great team of developers, who are always adding more features and improvements through bi-annual release updates – and even more frequently for the Web Assistant component of SAP Enable Now.

But did you know that you can help decide what new functionality is added to the product? This is done through the Customer Influence Program, which is available for many different SAP products, and to which SAP Enable Now was added in 2019. The Customer Influence Program is open to all customers and partners – like you - who can submit ideas or requests for new functionality or other improvements to the products they use. Then twice a year, the SAP Enable Now Product Managers review all the submissions and determine which ones should be implemented in the product.

To date, 157 requests have been submitted for SAP Enable Now, by 49 different SAP Enable Now users. Of these,

  • 8 have been delivered

  • 18 are planned for future delivery

  • 21 have been rejected

You may be wondering why only a (relatively) small number of requests have actually been delivered. The Project Managers consider requests based on three primary factors: Desirability, Viability, and Feasibility. The most significant of these is desirability – effectively, how many people want the requested improvement – and the way this is determined is by users - like you - voting on the requests.

According to the terms of the SAP Enable Now Customer Influence Program, a request will be reviewed for consideration “only when the request has reached the minimum threshold of 10 votes”. (Requests not meeting this threshold are ‘rolled over’ to the next review period.) This is already a reduction from the voting threshold for some other SAP products (which presumably have much larger user bases), but at the time of writing, out of 95 requests that are currently available for voting, only four of these have more than 10 votes - and the average request has only 4 votes. This is where you come in.

Any SAP Enable Now customer or partner can join the Customer Influence Program – and you can access it via exactly the same login you already use to access this Community. (There’s even a link from the SAP Enable Now Community home page.) And once you have accessed the SAP Enable Now Customer Influence page, you can vote on any of the available requests. This is where you get to make a difference: by voting on requests - even if you don’t have any requests of your own.

At last count, 122 different individuals have voted on at least one request. Compared to the total number of SAP Enable Now users (excluding Learners), that’s not a lot of people. I don’t know exactly how many users SAP Enable Now has, but the SAP Enable Now Community alone has over 3,000 followers. Which means we have a lot of scope for increasing ‘active involvement’ in the Customer Influence Program!

So here is my request to you, the subscribers to the SAP Enable Now Community: go to the SAP Enable Now Customer Influence page, check the requests that are currently open for voting, and if you see something you’d like to see in the product, vote for it! And if you have an idea for an improvement of your own (big or small) submit it as a new request from the same page (but please check it hasn’t been requested already – and if it has, vote on that one, instead).

To whet your appetite, the current Top 10 requests (by number of votes) are:

  1. Responsiveness on bookpages [dynamically size objects based on the screen size]

  2. Authorizations on folder level

  3. Seamless integration between SuccessFactors and Enable Now

  4. Ability to track individual book pages inside a group (not inside a book)

  5. CBTA Output from recordings

  6. Dashed lines, rotate text and more for Book Page objects

  7. Report of the unsorted objects per author to clean up the unsorted more easily

  8. Include chatbot functionality in Enable Now

  9. Provide Icons and Symbols as Vector graphics

  10. The ability to assign Workflow tasks to a group

By taking part the Customer Influence Program for SAP Enable Now, you can shape the future of the product, ensuring it continues to grow and improve – and with features that you want to see!
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