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There are several blog posts and SAP KBAs like which talk about importing the dependents' data in Employee Central and the procedure to do that. However, what if we have to edit the existing dependents. The main question arises then is how to find the related-personal-id-external of the dependents already there in SF. In this blog post, we would find how can we extract the dependents external ID and utilize it for editing the data.

Whenever we import the dependents' data in SuccessFactors Employee Central, we have to first upload the Biographical Information and manually create personal-id-external for all the dependents.

However, this is not the code which the system identifies the dependent with. In case, we require the 'related personal ID external' of the dependent created by the system, maybe, in scenarios where the existing dependents' data has to be edited through import, below mentioned steps can be followed-

  1. Create a canvas report with base object 'Person'

  2. Expand to 'Dependents' portlet

  3. Create a calculated column as '<Person Id>_d<Related Person Id>

  4. The result for the calculated column is the desired 'Related Person ID External' which is the system code to identify each unique dependent and can be used in the templates like 'Person Relationship', etc.

Following the above mentioned steps would help us preparing the data templates for editing the existing dependents data though EC import functionalities. I hope you found this blog post useful.
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