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2020 is around the corner, and it's time to evaluate how well did we do in 2019. While we have to look at our careers, we also need to see how good we were in our personal lives and if there's something we should be aiming to improve in the year about to start, we should plan it.

Let's take the worksheet from SuccessFactors Performance and Goals Management and use it to analyze our goals.


There were quite a few things we had in 2019 and they were either

  1. Very Important,

  2. Important, OR

  3. Less Important


Some of us, like me, might have weighed a few less important things more than the important ones, which need to be corrected the next year.
For instance, spending time with family is more important than with friends. And if more time is spent on Less Important activities, chances are very high to left behind for the goals which are more important.


When it comes to Personal Goals, I see one's well-being should be a top priority, as we hear in the planes, "wear your oxygen mask first before helping others", so s/he could take care of his/her family and then other people.


While analyzing my personal goals, I also learned that there were few things I did pretty well and there were many others which I missed. Sometimes there are external factors that determine the success/failure.
Failure isn't a failure, it's just another lesson learned.

Goals Alignment

Another thing that is important to know is the relationship between goals.

Professional and Personal goals also often go hand in hand, such as earning a good living and maintaining it accordingly. Maintaining the balance between two can't be practiced so easily, it requires effort, to find the right point.

Last year, during this time, while on a full-time job, I felt I didn't have much time for other things. This year, since I left that job and moved to what I called Freelancing and Freedom, I've more time for other things but less for professional targets.

I'm learning it now and hope I'll be doing it better next year.


From the perspective of professional life, I'm doing it as I explained it in Celebrating the achievements of 2017 and setting goals for 2018.

Were you able to achieve all of your personal goals for the year 2019?
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