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Scheduled mail notification to employees has been a requirement from many customers and it can be achieved using scheduling function in integration along with MDF and Alert functionality.

Let us take an example like a monthly email notification/alert to all the employees or group of employees/Managers to remind them to validate and verify all the leaves applied in the system.

Below is the list of functionalities used for same.

  • MDF

  • MDF Alert Rule

  • Alert Message

  • WorkFlow

  • Dynamic Group/Role

  • Integration Center


Cycle Overview,


Configuration Steps Overview:

Step 1: Create a custom MDF with a Date field.

Step 2: Create an Alert Rule with Message, Date, and workflow.

Step 3: Schedule a Job to update the date field in the Custom MDF through Integration Center.

NOTE: Image/data in this blog is from the demo system. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.

Step 1: Create a custom MDF with a date field.


Object OutPut:


Step 2: Create an Alert Rule with Message, Date, and workflow.

  • Alert Message: Just a sample message, please be creative on the messages, you can also use HTML codes for alignment and formatting, etc. like below.


Alert Message Output:



  • WorkFlow: to whom you want the reminder emails to be sent, it can be sent to all employees using a dynamic group, you can also use the same dynamic group to send it to a certain group of employees.

    • For the alert message, we have to configure it in "CC Role".


  • Alert Rule:


  • Above rule is written considering monthly email notification to be sent to all employees at the start of the month.

  • "IF" condition will take the Year and Month from today and date will be static(start of the month "01")

  • Alert will trigger only if the conditions are met.


Step 3: Schedule a Job to update the date field in the Custom MDF through Integration Center.

Integration Center >> My Integrations >> Create >> More Integrations Types >> below setting,


On the "Tag" field select "Foundation/Platform (PLT)"


After Selecting "Foundation/Platform (PLT)" on Tag Field, under custom Generic Object, custom MDF will get listed, select the created object.


Add an Integration Name and Click Next >>


In the configure fields, I have just taken a simple config since the effective date is mandatory I have upserted effective date, also we required "Last Reminder Sent on" to be as the first date of every that Alert rule gets triggered on the 1st date of every month.

On the Operation and Purge Type part we have a lot to explore, I have chosen operation as "Upsert Multiple" with "Full Purge" please explore more on this.

Click Next and Move on Scheduling part, You can choose Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly based on the requirement since we want to send mails to all employees every month, I have scheduled to run monthly.

We can also schedule the Job daily, even though the job is scheduled daily, we have set the Alert rule condition to trigger mail only on the 1st of every month, it is based on our comfortability and requirement, if you don't want to load the system with everyday job we can go for weekly or monthly jobs.

Save and Run the Job.

Once the Job is set, the integration will run every month and will set the date in custom MDF, post the changes in MDF, the alert rule will check for the date and will trigger a mail to all employees or based on the workflow configured.

Based on the scheduling in the integration center, It keeps running automatically and alert is sent to everyone.

Below is the alert message,


Hope this helps, the above configuration is based on my exploration on MDF and Integration, will keep updating the blog as I explore more.

Thanks for reading, please reach me for any clarification.
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