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SAP Success Factors has come up with a very effective, easy to configure and maintain cloud solution i.e EC Time Off. TIME OFF as the name suggests, is related to booking “time off” for an employee. Success Factors has come up with a very good feature of making non-working days as working days for certain days using the feature called Temporary Time Information.

Most of the Countries want to have some of the non-working days to working days despite creating a standard work schedule.

If we consider one of the examples for this case, suddenly because of STRIKE company might have declared Holiday on a particular day. Now want their staff to work on the weekend as a replacement and so want to make those days as working day. Such cases can be handled using this option Temporary Time Information.

Also, in CHINA every year the work schedule is decided by State Council who make week ends as working days; allowing people to have a continuous break during National Holiday. It’s different each year and normally announced in late December every year.

For example: In the year 2019 the following days are working days - Sep 29 & Oct 12.

The below steps outlines how to make the above weekends (Sep 29 & Oct 12) as working days in the system for the employees.


Step 1:

Create Work Schedule for all the days which are designated as Working Days by State Council/Local HR.

For example: 12th Oct 2019.

Its a Saturday hence you added on 6th Day as 8 hours.


Step 2:

Go To Import and Export Data and Download the Template – “Temporary Time Information”


Step 3:

Fill the template with the required info (screenshot below).

Example for 12th Oct 2019 with User, Start date and End date(temporary Working date), new temporary work schedule that has been created in Step 1, valid external code.

Step 4:

Go to Import and Export Data and Import the Template that has been created in Step 3.


Now whichever Employees you have added in the import template for those Employees that particular day becomes as working day.


Hope it gave a nice information.


Thanks a lot and have a nice day.


Venkata Subbarao Pathangi
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