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SuccessFactors Is Listening!

The 2H 2020 SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Management (RCM) release is now live in preview. As mentioned in my previous blog, this release looks very much like a customer centric. Thanks to SAP SuccessFactors team.

This blog, again, like my previous SuccessFactors LMS H2 2020 blog, I will talk about the key SuccessFactors RCM updates that you should consider. This blog covers RCM & Recruiting Posting (RP) release updates only. let’s see what’s in the store:

  1. CAPTCHA Verification for Candidates Resetting Account Passwords: Good Candidates can reset their account passwords on the external career site only if they complete the CAPTCHA verification step correctly. SuccessFactors use Google CAPTCHA, because it’s an Internet standard best practice. Anything easier than Google CAPTCHA is easy to hack. Also remember Google CAPTCHA isn’t supported in China. 

  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-In


  1. Modern Authentication for Integrating Interview Scheduling with Microsoft Outlook 365: Interview Scheduling now supports Modern Authentication to integrate with Microsoft Outlook 365. This enhancement was added to the list as Microsoft recently announced its plans to decommission Basic Authentication for Exchange Web Services (EWS) during the second half of 2021.

  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-in


  1. Email Verification with One-Time Passcode for New Candidate Account: When an external candidate creates an account from the career site, an email with a one-time password (OTP) is sent to the provided email address. The candidate must then enter a valid OTP on the Create Account page to continue with account creation. This disables the CAPTCHA as it used be in previous version while creating an account on the external career site. 

  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-out


  1. Add to Talent Pool from Inline Resume Viewer: You can now add candidates to talent pools from within the Inline Resume Viewer in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. This is also a most requested feature from customers, generally, recruiters could add candidates to talent pools from search results or the Candidate Workbench, recruiters were interested in the ability to add candidates to talent pools from within the resume viewer, this will enable to them to see details about the candidates' background and interests

So, this enhancement enables the Inline Resume Viewer included Add to Talent Pool as an option in its Actions menu 

  • Configuration Type: Universal

  1. Improvements to Calendar Popup and Rich Text Editor for Job Requisitions: The calendar popup for job requisitions now defaults to the current system date if a date is not selected. Also, the Rich Text Editor on the job requisition now includes the heading elements Heading 1 to Heading 6.

  • Configuration Type: Universal


  1. Behavior Change in Permissions for Offer Approvals: This was my previous project requirement, thanks to SAP bringing this, customers want to restrict which offer detail templates appear to individuals to ensure that the correct templates are used when offer approvals are created. Now, you can use role-based permissions to restrict which offer details templates appear to individuals that belong in a specific permission role for offer approvals.

  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-In

  1. Improvements to the Advanced Search of Universal People Search: The advanced search of Universal People Search is now enhanced to display search results indicating the multiple employment types for global assignments and concurrent employments. While testing this, I have received error popup many times, may be its with the system I logged in. Please comment if you see the same.

  • Configuration Type: Universal

  1. Email Notifications Enhancements for Automated Job Postings: You now receive email notifications to inform you when an automated job posting is successful, unsuccessful, or partially successful. The generated email notification gives in-depth information about automated job posting events. Previously, you only received email notifications when an automated job posting event failed. Also, the email notification did not provide information about why the job failed.

  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-In

  1. Recruiting Posting Enablement: SuccessFactors have simplified the process to enable Recruiting Posting with no exclusive configuration required in Provisioning. Customers can now implement the functionality without engaging with partners. However, you will still need us to configure permissions to manage any specific job posting settings.

  • Configuration Type: Universal


  1. Elimination of Recruiting Posting Job Credits: You are no longer limited by Recruiting Posting credits when posting your Job Requisition onto Job boards ? however, you will still be charged by Job Boards that you must pay for

  • Configuration Type: Universal

  1. New Job Boards in the Job Board Market Place: SuccessFactors team added new job boards to the Recruiting Posting catalog. Here is the list of new job boards

    1. Bumeran Argentina - Argentina

    2. Zonajobs - Argentina

    3. be - Belgium

    4. be - Belgium

    5. de - Germany

    6. Get In It - Germany

    7. Kariera - Greece

    8. lt - Lithuania

    9. Mojedelo - Slovenia

    10. All Flying Jobs - United Arab Emirates

    11. EvenBreak - United Kingdom

    12. Proud - United Kingdom

    13. Vogue Business Talent - United Kingdom

    14. com - United States of America

Couldn’t find Vogue Business Talent, have to wait and see!!

  • Configuration Type: Universal

  1. Compliance with the European Union Access Service: Recruiting Posting is now compliant with the EU access service from SAP. This will now enable remote data access and data storage from countries which have implemented the EU Data Protection Directive. 

  • Configuration Type: Provisioning Opt-In


Interesting developments, right? Keep posting your comments if you see anything crucial other than mentioned above.

Also please find the documentation on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, quick links under "What's New" section will provide the detailed release summary across application.

See you soon with a new blog! Please stay safe.
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