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Our long lasting wait is finally over. With the patch release on 17 December 2020, SAP has launched the new Command Center (v2) for the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting : Candidate Experience.

SAP has moved the Command Center from Adobe Flash to HTML 5 along with the new access link and the best part is the login authentication is now tagged with the Partner S-ID. So, no need to keep track of multiple credentials to setup or manage the provisioning of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting. Login URL are as below.

Data Center - Rackspace

Data Center - DC #

Note : (Replace # with the respective data center. For e.g. DC # = DC 10, DC 12, DC 44)

Data Center - DC 2

Once you login, you will see a clean Site List page that will contain all the Sites that are provisioned to your S-ID and available on that data center.

On the Site List page, we have have multiple ways to filter out the site on which we want to work. Now we have new filters as well that was missing in the old command center like Recruiting Management Company ID and Recruiting Management Data Center. Along with that a Reset button that clears all the values available in the filters and a collapse button that minimize the filter area.

One the Site List Page itself we gets the link to access the CSB, Career Site and Advance Analytics of the respective sites. This reduces the number of the clicks that consultant needs to do in the old Command Center. This also makes easy to navigate someone on the screen.

Now before going any further, we need to remember that old Command Center contains many features that were already depreciated (like flash map, Business Card, Use Save Jobs) and many options that performs the same task, so basically duplicate features (like Use SSL, Jobs Start On or Expire ). Also, there were lots of non-mandatory fields that was of no use for the new implementations like Site Manager selection, Renewal date or Launch Date.

So, SAP has only kept the options or the features in the Command Center that are relevant as per the new implementation practice and that cannot be fit in the Career Site Builder. The main motive of SAP is to move all the feature and the configuration related to the career site into the CSB so that consultant as well as customer does not need to navigate on multiple platform to manage or update the career site.

Now when we click on the Site Name on the Site List Page, we will redirect to the Command Center of that Site and we will have the below options available.

  1. Career Site Link - This link will open the Career Site where we can view the configured site.

  2. Career Site Builder Link - This link will open the career site.

  3. Recruiting Advance Analytics Link - This link will open the Advance Analytics report panel where we can generate different reports.

  4. Recruiting Advance Analytics Admin Link - This link opens the Advance Analytics Admin panel where we configure the Advance Analytics.

  5. Active Option - Using this option we can activate or deactivate the site.

  6. Enable Career Site Builder Option - Using this option we can enable or disable the Career Site Builder

  7. Use Multiple ATS Option - Using this option we can enable or disable the Multiple ATS option

  8. Folder Name field - This field represents the folder name that contains all the configuration related information related to the career site. (Note : Do not change this field value)

  9. Export Job to CSV Link

  10. Export Automated Process Logs Link

  11. Back to Site List Button

  12. Save Button

  13. Reset Button


Export Job to CSV

In the old Command Center we used to have the Jobs page in which we can monitor or perform action on Jobs posted internally or external or both. SAP has moved all that into Export Job to CSV link. After clicking the link a pop-up will appear that allow us to download a report format CSV file that contains all the jobs as per the field criteria.

In the new Command Center we cannot do any changes in the job or mark them inactive. If any changes is required in the job then it needs to be done in the Bizx.


Export Automated Process Logs Link

In the old Command Center we have the option of Site Maintenance, in which we got the acknowledgement whether a certain Sync worked or not. Most commonly it was used to verify whether the Job got pushed from the RCM to RMK or not. If not then what was the error.

Now similar to Export Job to CSV, in Command Center v2 this functionality is available under Export Automated Process Logs which allow us to download ZIP file that contains all the Logs related information.

The best part about New Command Center is that it contains only these 2 pages. All the other configuration like Search Setting, SSO configuration, ATS integration, Social Apply, Recruiter Sync and many more has been moved to Career Site Builder.

"I will try to publish a blog for new CSB as soon as possible."

Some configurations like Feed Management and Site Sources for Source Tracker are still not available either in Command Center or CSB. SAP is still working on that same and try to make it available as soon is possible.


Release Highlighter for SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting : Candidate Experience (in respect of new UI)

  1. Command Center v2 with link access link and login authentication

  2. Key feature of Command Center v2

    1. Career Site Builder Link

    2. Recruiting Advance Analytics Link

    3. Recruiting Advance Analytics Admin Link

    4. Active Option

    5. Enable Career Site Builder Option

    6. Use Multiple ATS Option

    7. Folder Name field

    8. Export Job to CSV Link

    9. Export Automated Process Logs Link

  3. Options moved to Career Site Builder

    1. Search Setting

    2. Site Setting Import / Export

    3. Category Page Import / Export

    4. Manage API Credentials

    5. Social Apply

    6. Job Alert Email Template

    7. Use Real Time Job Sync

    8. Job Layouts Site Field Mapping

    9. Job Alerts Settings

    10. Site Integrations

    11. SEO Settings

    12. Recruiter Sync


Thanks for the read!! I will be happy to address any further question in the comments.

Kudos to SAP for the great work.
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