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Hi there,

Second half 2022 release is here!

This blog highlights key enhancements to SuccessFactors Recruiting. My other blogs on EC & LMS are already live and you can go thru the below links:

To celebrate this most recent release, here’s SuccessFactors Recruiting’s look at some of the most interesting features and changes introduced since last time.

  1. Enhancements to Interview Central: SAP is listening! As part of 2H release release, SAP replaced the thumbs up and thumbs down icons that are used to rate candidates in Interview Central. You'll now see new icons to rate candidates with Recommended and Not Recommended as the default text and the best part is, you can now customize the standard texts using the Manage Languages tool in Admin Center. This enhancement will improve the usability experience for interviewers while rating candidates.

  • Configuration Type: Universal

  • Customer Community Idea



  1. Ability to Schedule Recruiting Interviews That Cross Midnight in the Recruiter's Time Zone: Finally! this has been one of the most requested. Recruiters can now schedule interviews that cross midnight in their own time zone. This allows them to schedule a time that is good for the time zone of the interview participants.


  • Configuration Type: Universal

  • Customer Community Idea


  1. New Job Boards in the Job Board Market Place: SAP added new job boards to the Job Board Market Place. The additional job boards in the Job Board Market Place that you can link to the Recruiting Posting interfaces are as follows:

  • jobs - Switzerland

  • CVBankas - Lithuania

  • Get in Engineering - Germany

  • ch - Switzerland

  • Net-Empregos – Portugal


  • Configuration Type: Universal


  1. Test Your Job Posting on a Sandbox Before Posting Externally on a Job Board: You can now identify the job boards that provide a sandbox to test your job postings from the Recruiting Posting Preview environment which means Recruiters can test the job postings directly from the Recruiting Posting Preview environment and coordinate with the job boards to monitor the test job posted on the job board.


  • Configuration Type: Universal


  1. Redesigned Applicant Workbench: The redesigned the Applicant Workbench enhances the user experience as you search, filter, and display applicants from the applicant list. Please do remember, currently, this is only available for customers who have joined the Early Adopter Care (EAC) Program for Recruiting.


  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-in



  1. Update to the Expiration Duration of Reset Password Link: Link expiration duration for the Set Welcome Password and Reset Password link expiration (in days) option is now set to 1 day by default. The Set Welcome Password and Reset Password link expiration (in days) option is now disabled for editing. This option is available in the Password and Login Policy Settings: Applied to External Candidates and Agencies page. This update enhances the privacy of Agency user accounts and external candidate accounts.


  • Configuration Type: Universal


Note: While testing on my instances, I couldn’t see this reflecting but would encourage others to try and comment with the screenshots.

Few other eye catchers, the Career Site Builder now recognize special characters and treat them as if they were regular characters, so that search results are the same whether the term you use includes special characters or not and introduction of a new Role-Based Permission to access and update the LinkedInIntegrationConfiguration entity, etc proved, its a customer centric again. Kudos to team SAP. Hope to see the same trend for the upcoming releases too.

Also, let me remind you DocuSign has change its authentication method from basic to OAuth 2.0. All the Recruiting customers using basic authentication for DocuSign need to update their configuration settings by March 31, 2023.

Rest of the iceberg!

This is just my favorite list of changes from the latest release. For more, check out the "What's New Viewer". The What’s New View will provide the detailed release summary across application.

See you soon with a new blog!
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