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The Release blog series is back!

2H 2021 is live in preview systems, This time, I picked LMS first in my series of 2H release blogs, Comparatively, I would say a better version this year. If you ask me to pick the best from this release, I will definitely go with Microsoft Teams enhancement – This has been a most requested from past few months. Many expected this in the last version, nevertheless, the virtual learning service now supports Microsoft Teams as a virtual meeting room vendor for meetings 😊

Alright, here is the list of innovations, these are again the best I could hand pick out of some 35+ innovations SAP added in this version:

  1. User Connector Supports Login Sites: SAP SuccessFactors adds the Login Site field to User Connector to allow users created or updated using the User Connector to have a Login Site. Administrators who have created active sites in SuccessFactors Learning want to be able authenticate users to that site using the User Connector.

  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-in.

  1. Add Programs Option When Creating Collections: Been waiting for this from long time. SAP added the “Add Program” option for new Collections which now enables administrators to have the option to add an open-ended program or a duration-based program when creating a collection. Admins can now add a new collection by going to Learning Activities > Users with the Author Collection Permission can now choose Program from the Learning Type by going to My Learning > Links > Collections

  • Configuration Type: Universal

               Note: Schedule-based programs cannot be added to collections, which is obvious 😊

  1. Confirmation Message for Learning Registration with Course Home: This is Ok’ish, when the Course Home experience is enabled, a new confirmation message displays to users when they successfully register for a class. Previously it used to indicate their seat was successfully reserved, now, the message indicates that their “seat is confirmed”. This message is to avoid confusion between a standard registration and a registration for a reserved seat. Regardless of the type of seat the user has in the class, now, SAP wants to let them know that they're confirmed. Remember, this is universal, you cannot modify.

  • Configuration Type: Universal

  1. Learning Assessments Enabled on iOS and Android: Yes, you read it right! one of the most wanted, Users can now access assessments on mobile and will now be able to complete Learning assessments on both the iOS and Android SuccessFactors Mobile apps. Starting in 2H 2021, Learning assessments are supported in both the hybrid and UXR flows on online content. Please keep in mind, this feature is not yet supported for native online content structure flow.

  • Configuration Type: Universal

Note: For Learning validated apps, this feature will be supported in next year's release.

  1. Platform Theme Supported for Learning Sites: SAP added a new method to apply an SAP SuccessFactors platform theme to a site by using a Learning brand. Learning-only users will see the theme when they access Learning through a site. This will now remove the ability to associate brands with security domains and resource paths, but a learning brand can be configured to override the default SuccessFactors platform theme. A new configuration controls this feature, enableLatestBranding in System Administration > Configuration > System Configuration > LMS_ADMIN

  • Configuration Type: Universal

  1. Deprecation of Native Administration Learning Sign-In: This is very important and please make a note of it. SAP is no longer allowing use of Learning Administration Native Login during run time of the software (this is after initial implementation as of May 21, 2021.). Also remember, Sign-in for native users will be replaced with IAS authentication. Native User Learning Sign-In will no longer be available, for all use cases, after 1H 2022

  • Configuration Type: Universal

  1. Learning & Work Zone: SAP has come up with a good list of enhancements pertaining to SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone integrated UI Cards:

The following are the enhancements:

  • Enhanced UI Integration Card "Curricula Status": Now we can view details of the curricula in a specific status directly on the Curricula Status card, without navigating to SAP SuccessFactors Learning, cool stuff, isn’t it?

  • Enhanced UI Integration Card "Learning Plan" (Enhanced Version): The latest release gives us a chance viewing a complete list of your learning assignments, you can now locate a specific assignment by filtering, sorting, or keyword search.

  • New UI Integration Card "Required Learning": “Required Learning” is now available in SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone to list your required learning items with credit hours needed to complete all the items.

  • New UI Integration Card "My Learning Calendar": Life saver! Thank You SAP! “My Learning Calendar” is now available in SAP SuccessFactors Work Zone to display all the scheduled classes and associated sessions in a calendar view, not just that, you can also have visibility to time-offs in a calendar view. So, enabling learning and EC Time Off is pre-requisite for this UI card.

  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-in

  1. Migration of Learning Competencies to Center of Capabilities: This is for the customers who would like to migrate competencies from Job Description Manager to the new capabilities model based on “Center of Capabilities”, the migration is triggered in Learning. As part of the migration, the existing competencies will be migrated to the new framework. On successful completion of the migration, the existing SF Competency Connector for Job Description Manager will be deactivated, and the Capabilities Synchronization job synchronizes competencies to Learning

  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-in

Note: As you are aware, learning competencies are migrated to Center of Capabilities after you finish the Capabilities Portfolio Settings wizard to set up the proficiency rating scale in Center of Capabilities. The previous rating values will be replaced with new proficiency levels, which means, the names & descriptions of the previous rating levels for all competencies in Learning will be updated with new names and descriptions defined in the rating scale. The note also says that you can't revert the changes triggered by the migration. So, please be careful and follow the process as defined

  1. Limit Removed from Library in Items and Items in Library Tables: Not a big deal! the changes to Learning Admin UI continues, Effective, 2H 2021, Tables of Libraries and Items in Library in the Administration User Interface can now display more than 500 records. A Search field is also available so you can restrict the list of results.

  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-in

  1. Microsoft Teams Supported for Virtual Learning: Yay! SAP SuccessFactors virtual learning service (VLS) now supports Microsoft Teams as a virtual meeting room vendor for meetings. Webinars aren't supported 😊 But, still a great stuff to have it. Let me tell you, to have Microsoft Teams as a virtual meeting room vendor, you need to complete a series of configuration tasks. You can check in I will soon publish a blog with all configuration steps.

  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt-in

Note: The following information is important to consider when configuring Microsoft Teams for use as a virtual meeting room:

  • Webinars aren’t currently supported.

  • The instructor's ID is their MS Teams email address. No password is required.

  • Users can join a Microsoft Teams meeting through a URL, but only users that are registered for the class receive credit for attendance.


I hope, I have covered the best of 2H 2021. Kindly let me know if I have missed anything interesting pertaining to current release – H2 2021

Also please find the documentation on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, under "What's New" section, this will provide the detailed release summary across application.

See you soon with a new blog! Please stay safe!!

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