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Hi All,

My name is Sabina Paskuraj. In this blog I have explained about the error message "The HRIS Element jobInfo is not updated" faced in Successfactors Employee central and steps to rectify.

Error Message:

"The HRIS Element jobInfo is not updated. To save this configuration, correct the following issues:
Verify if the following deprecated fields are required in the configuration. Then, either manually delete them from the configuration or plan to migrate them to a replacement or custom field. If you migrate the fields, extract the data from Job Information and import the data to the new target fields. List of deprecated fields: is-primary track-id international-org-code amount-of-financial-plan ern-number manager hr-manager"

Error Scenarios:

We get this error is two scenarios. Let us look into the scenarios.

Scenario 1 - In the transaction "Manage Business Configuration" -> HRIS Sync Mapping -> Add

Manage Business Configuration


When selecting "Job Information HRIS element and trying to map a Customizable field in Target Field like shown in below image and click on save, the error popup appears. The field is not mapped until the error is rectified.

HRIS Sync mapping


Error: The HRIS Element jobInfo is not updated

Scenario 2: In the Provisioning system when tried to import the Succession data model, a warning message such as below is shown. This error is because the import file consists of the deprecated fields.


Resolution: As the error message says that there are some deprecated fields present in the configuration which needs to either manually delete them from the configuration or migrate/map to a custom field.

The deprecated fields that are listed in the error message are not enabled but still present in configuration which need to be deleted.

Go to Manage Business configuration -> Jobinfo -> HRIS fields. In the listed fields, look for the deprecated fields and delete as in below image and save. This will rectify the error.

In the provisioning, the error can be rectified by removing the deprecated hris-fields from the xml file as below and then import to Provisioning system.

xml file

Conclusion: Once the Succession data model import is completed and sync job is run, the error is rectified. Hence it is recommended to clear the error message in HRIS sync mapping and any before any import done to succession data model.

Dear readers, hope my blog was useful. Please share your feedback or thoughts in comments.

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