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Action Search is a very powerful tool to associate the natural language to the different actions in SuccessFactors while searching on the top box in the admin center. This blog explains how the Standard & Custom Paraphrase can be used to search Different actions by the Administrators.

For example, you might type any natural language like add an employee or hire an employee for an action and the text matches any of the search terms associated with any of the available actions, those actions will be listed in the search results. To enable the action search following steps need to be followed.

Step -1

Go to provisioning --> Company Settings -->Enable Action Search. (Role Based permission, generic objects & Version 12UI should is a prerequisite.)

Step - 2

The next step is setting up the Role-based permission. In your company instance Go to Admin Center -->Manage Employees-->Set User Permissions -->Manage Permission Roles -->Select the Admin Role (Here I Have selected the system admin role). Within the Permission Roles go to permission settings --> Permission --> Administrator Permission--> Manage Action Search Select Manage Action Search.Done.Save.

Now that the Action search is enabled let’s view the Admin Actions.

Step- 3

Go to Admin Center search for Manage Action search in Tool Search.

It will take you to the following screen.

Select the Add New Employee Action. The following screen will appear with standard & custom paraphrases.

Following custom, Paraphrases are added – New Hire.

Step - 4

Let’s add another custom paraphrase as Hire New Employee. Add display paraphrase as Add New Employee. Save. It may take few minutes to update.

Now let’s test this. In Admin center go to Search for actions & people.Type Hire New Employee. A drop-down will show the Action Add New Employee.

To Conclude day to day language can be used to refine the search associated with Actions. Hope this blog helped you enable the Manage Action Search & define the custom paraphrases for Actions.