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Second half 2023 release is here!

The eagerly awaited 2H 2023 release has arrived and we have an exciting new set of enhancements to look forward to. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key features and enhancements that come with the SAP SuccessFactors H2 2023 Release upgrade, so let's dive in!

  1. Employee CentralQuick Actions for Employee and Manager Self-Services: Thank you SAP!! We can now define Employee Central Quick Actions using templates for commonly used Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Services. Using the templates, we can tailor use cases based on the company and country/region-specific requirements.

Here are the supported use cases:

  • Change Chosen Name

  • Change Contract End Date

  • Change Cost Center

  • Change Job

  • Change Legal Name

  • Change Location

  • Change Probation

  • Change Pronouns

  • Change Working Time

  • Promotion

  • Transfer

  • View Cost Center

  • View Job

  • View Legal Name

  • View Location

  • View Marital Status

Note: Employee Central Quick Actions are also available in Microsoft Teams & Work Zone Cards in  this release.

Enablement: Customer Configured


  1. Employee Central Jobs on Job Scheduler in Scheduled Job Manager: With each new release, SAP is prioritizing the migration of various job types from provisioning to instance, aligning them with customer requests. Part of 2H release, we can now create, manage, and monitor more types of scheduled jobs for Employee Central in the Scheduled Job Manager admin tool. These jobs are now available only in the Admin Center and are no longer available in Provisioning. Cheers!

The following are new job types on the Job Scheduler and Job Monitor tabs:

  • Position Management Daily Hierarchy Adaptation Job

  • Off Cycle Event Batch Processing Job

Note: The BizX Daily Rule Processing Batch job is now renamed to Off Cycle Event Batch Processing Job.

Enablement: Automatically On


  1. Add to Transport Bundle Option in Employee Central: We can now add Business Configuration UI configurations and Foundation Objects to a bundle and transport them using Configuration Transport Center. This enhancement in the Business Configuration UI and Foundation Data Objects page now eliminates manual configuration efforts in the paired target system.

Enablement: Customer Configured


  1. Enhancements in Imports: There are a few general enhancements to improve the import process in Employee Central. Nice to have!!

H2 Updates:

  • Enable Compound Deletion: Previously, the Enable Compound Delete setting was only available in Provisioning. SAP has changed the name of the setting to Enable Compound Deletion and the setting is now made available in the Manage Employee Central Settings Others page.

  • Scheduled Job Manager: The Scheduled Job Manager now opens in a new tab on the Import Employee Data page. It previously loaded in the same tab.

Enablement: Customer Configured

Customer Community Idea


  1. New Select All Option for Filters in the Data Replication Monitor: The Data Replication Monitor now includes the possibility to select and deselect all values for filters that can contain a large number of values. This option is available for the Country/Region, Location, and Company filters. 

Enablement: Automatically On

Customer Community Idea



  1. Workflow Auto-Delegation by Groups: Users can now delegate their workflows by groups, if they don't want to delegate them all to one person. To take advantage of the new enhancement, we need to define workflow groups in Manage Data, by bundling similar or related workflow requests into groups. One of the most requested!  Employees can then choose these groups and appoint a delegatee for each of them when setting up auto-delegation through the Delegate My Workflows quick action. Likewise, HR admins can use these groups when setting up auto-delegation on behalf of other employees. Users can also appoint delegatees for up to three groups (including the default "All Others" group).

As they've done in previous versions, they can choose to delegate all workflow requests to one single person. With this enhancement, organizations has a more organized approach towards workflow delegation and the users have the flexibility to appoint multiple delegatees to take care of their requests.

Enablement: Customer Configured


  1. Compensation Structure: This new config allows companies to specify pay structures for different locations, legal entities, as well as for different types of workers.

Using the Compensation Structure object in Manager Self-Services and the Compensation History UI allows to:

  • Define a sort order of how pay components are displayed in the UI

  • Select only those pay components that are assigned to the compensation structure

  • Prevent mandatory pay components from being removed from an employee's compensation

  • Prorate compa ratio and range penetration more flexibly

  • SAP also added a configuration for proration to allow to choose between FTE, a proration factor, or no proration.

Note: We still need to use use business rules for the calculation of pay components

Enablement: Customer Configured


  1. Country/ Region Specifics: Last but not the least, the country specifics, As with every release, SAP has added several region-specific enhancements in this new release.

Here the list:

Country/Region Enhancement
Brazil Enhanced Dependents Information and Job Information for Brazil
Greece Enhanced Work Permit Picklist for Greece
India New Category and Investment Types for India
Mexico Enhanced Home Address Information, Corporate Address Information, Municipality Picklist, and State Picklist for
New Zealand Enhanced Gender Picklist for New Zealand
Philippines Enhanced Global Information, Address Information, Corporate Information, and Work Permit Picklist for the
Singapore New Work Permit Document Type for Singapore
Thailand Enhanced Dependents Information and Personal Document Validation for Thailand
Türkiye (Turkey) Enhanced National ID, Global Information, and Work Permit Document Type Picklist for Türkiye (Turkey)
United States Enhanced Global Information and Dependents Information for the United States



















I've successfully tested the majority of the release items, but there are still a few remaining items that require validation. Please feel free to leave your comments if you identify any issues or gaps.

The changes I've highlighted here are just a small sample of what's included in the latest release. To discover the full range of enhancements across the application, I recommend checking out the "What's New Viewer" for a detailed release summary.

Stay tuned!!

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