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As part of 1H 2022 release series blogs, this one highlights key enhancements to SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC). This release version, I felt, SAP SuccessFactors team, mostly concentrated on country/region specifics, is a good sign to beat the competition. There are few enhancements, again coming from customer community ideas. As usual, an encouraging step.

As always, this blog does not cover any time and attendance innovations.

Let’s see how the 1H 2022 looks like:

  1. Setting the Visibility of Fields Using Business Rules: Nice to have! You can now select a value from the available list for field visibility instead of manually entering a text value, this will now avoid any errors caused by manual entry. Using the business rules, we can set the visibility of a field with the below options:

  • None: The field isn't visible.

  • Edit: The field can be viewed and edited.

  • View: The field can only be viewed.

  • Configuration Type: Universal


  1. Role-Based Permission for Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures: YAY! We can now control a user's access to managing foundation objects with the role-based permission (RBP), Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures. This key enhancement will give customers control over who can manage foundation objects. Users have the permission by default. You can check which users need access and set the permission accordingly via

Permission Settings >> Permissions >> Manage Foundation Objects >> Access Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structure.


  • Configuration Type: Admin Opt‑out


  1. Alerts on the Latest Home Page: The new home page comes with these exciting cards, allows users to learn about upcoming events generated using EC Alerts. Employee Central and MDF alerts appear as glance-friendly cards in the For You Today section. Users can dismiss these cards temporarily by choosing Remind Me Tomorrow or permanently by choosing Done. A clear winner!

  • Configuration Type: Universal


Pre-requisite: The latest home page is enabled. Recommended Step!


  1. Create Apprentice Plans for Future Hires: You can now create apprentice profiles for employees with a hire date in the future and you can create and manage apprenticeship plans for employees who are not yet active. This enhancement means you now have feasibility to create apprenticeship plans for future apprentices

  • Configuration Type: Universal


  1. Enhancement to Fixed-Term Contracts: Nice to have! you can now add fixed-term contracts in between two employment records, as long as there is no overlap of dates, and a hire record exists for the employee. This enables the customer to have the flexibility to create fixed-term contracts between two employment records.


  • Jim has a past employment from Feb 1 - Mar 25, 2020.

  • He has a future employment starting on May 1, 2022.

  • He has a fixed-term contract from Jan 20 - Apr 30, 2021. With this enhancement, you can now add this contract since there is no overlap of dates.

  • Configuration Type: Universal


  1. Role-Based Permissions for Additional Employee Central Import Entities: Role-based permissions for additional Employee Central entities are now available under Employee Central Import Entities. This key enhancement provides flexibility for users to set permissions at an entity level.

The newly added Employee Central Import Entities are:

  • Biographical Information

  • Personal Information

  • National ID Information

  • Addresses

  • Phone Information

  • Email Information

  • Social Accounts Information

  • Personal Documents Information

  • Employment Details

  • Global Assignment Details

  • Person Relationship

  • Termination Details


Note: By default, these permissions will be displayed on Employee Central enabled instances only. For newly created permission roles, you have to first enable Import Employee Data, and then enable Employee Central Import Entities to implement the newly added permissions.

  • Configuration Type: Universal


  1. Enhancement to Batch Job for Automatically Reassigning the Direct Reports of Terminated Contingent Workers: The batch job BizX Daily Rules Processing Batch can now gather data from up to 30 days in the past when reassigning the direct reports of terminated contingent workers. Previously, this job only gathered data from up to 7 days in the past. If any contingent workers had been terminated earlier than this, the job would ignore them, and their direct reports would not be reassigned. The BizX Daily Rules Processing Batch job now gathers data from up to 30 days in the past. The enhanced scope of the batch job increases the chances that any necessary reassignments will be carried out automatically, without the need for any additional manual effort, cheers!

  • Configuration Type: Universal


  1. Country/Region Specifics: Again, SuccessFactors team fulfilled some good country specific requirements like:

  • Romania: SAP introduces a version for Romania, includes Personal Information, Address Information, Contract Elements, and Dependents Information. SAP also enabled replication of country/region-specific employee master data from Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll. Data models, picklists and validation rules are available in the Software Download Center. For Employee Central Payroll, Synchronization Support Package EA-HR SPA6 must be installed in your system.

  • Philippines: Availability of new personal document type, 'Persons with Disabilities (PWD ID)' to the picklist ID permitdoctype for Philippines. This also enables replication of the new document type from Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll.

  • Saudi Arabia: One more key enhancement, team SAP added new country/region-specific fields for Saudi Arabia to reflect changes to Saudi labor law in Employee Central. The fields relate to Legal Entity Data, Global Information, and Job Information. This also enabled replication of these fields from Employee Central to Employee Central Payroll.

  • Canada: 1H 2022, enables new country/region-specific field, Classification Group, to Job Classification for Canada in Employee Central and enhanced the Import Jobs, Positions and Org. Units from Employee Central report in Employee Central Payroll

  • Germany: You can now choose an exclusion reason that explains why an electronic certificate of incapacity to work (eAU) does not have to be submitted for an absence.

  • Kuwait: Building Name and P.O. Box for Home Address and Corporate Address have been added for Kuwait.

  • Ukraine: Ukraine specific Global Information fields for employees has been added under this release. The new fields are under Global Information, Disability Information, and Dependents.

  • Slovakia: Slovakia specific payment information field validation is added as one of the enhancements and SAP also renamed a Work Permit document type for Slovakia. As part of payment information validation, you can add extra permitted formats for Variable Symbol and Specific Symbol

  • Singapore: Singaporean work permit document has been renamed with the external code SGP-S from 'SGP-Foreigner earning >= $2000' to <SGP-Skilled Pass>. This also created a new validation rule for the 'Foreign Identification Number' (FIN). Team SAP also added a new country/region-specific field, <UEN>, under Legal Entity Data for Singapore. UEN stands for 'Unique Entity Number' and is the standard identification number of an entity in Singapore.

  • Czech Republic: SAP has enhanced the validation of bank account numbers for Czech Republic. The account number validation now accepts a minimum of two digits and a maximum of ten. This one is again coming from customer requests.

  • United Kingdom: For the United Kingdom, as an administrator, you can configure an Insurance Plan that allows employees to make an additional private contribution towards the medical insurance provided by their employer.

Other than the above, there are few which could be an eye-catcher, like Contingent Workers hire templates availability. Insurance Rate Chart Configuration. Overall, an impressive upgrade and kudos to team SAP SuccessFactors.

I once again tried to sum up the best. But, I would highly recommend checking out "What's New Viewer" for all the release updates, part of H1 2022. The What’s New View will provide the detailed release summary across application.

See you soon with a new blog!
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