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The H2 2020 SAP Compensation Management and Variable Pay release is live now in the preview instance, and compensation management is getting featured well.

This blog will talk about the key SuccessFactors Compensation Management and Variable pay updates, there are some really good enhancements which are part of this release and again these requests are coming from customers in recent times, that you should consider

  1. Bonus Notifications on Home Page

Employees can access their revised bonus plans through home page notifications now. The notification card shows a View more details link that allows employees to access their bonus plans. Notifications appear on their home page for 30 days from publication.

However, this functionality isn’t available for Total Compensation Plan templates. Also, in order to use this feature, the New home page should be enabled so that employees can easily access their bonus payout distribution directly from the home page instead of navigating to People Profile.

2. Compensation Provisioning Settings Available on Company Settings Page

We can now configure fields on the Company Settings page that used to set through the Provisioning tool. which is going to give easy access to compensation admin directly

Following are the fields now available on the Company Settings page:

  • Enable YouCalc widget on compensation form.

  • Enable Compensation Profile

  • Enable for View in Executive Review

  • Enable Decentralized administration

3. Compensation Statement Notifications on Home Page

Employees can now access their revised Compensation statements through home page notifications now.

When we trigger notifications from the Personal Statement Notifications admin UI, employees receive their notifications, and it’s available for 30 days from publication on their home page.

We can trigger notifications for:

  1. A specific user

  2. List of users

  3. Users on statement templates

Please Note Statements are not accessible through home page notifications if you've either recalled the statement or changed the existing viewing permissions after triggering the notifications.

4. Configuration of Calculated Pay Range on the Basis of Post-Promotion Information

This is one of the interesting updates that the user interface, we can now define an attribute that the system uses when calculating the final pay range for a promoted employee.

As earlier we used to make changes to XML file to include the final Attribute field.

By defining a post-promotion attribute, we can avoid the issue of miscalculated post-promotion pay ranges in EC-enabled compensation templates. This is really helpful as in most cases, final pay range is based on post-promotion information.

5. Configure Compensation Worksheets to Display Multiple Columns for Collapsed Groups

With this release, we can now configure the system to display multiple columns for a collapsed group on a compensation worksheet.

Earlier, we were able to configure only one column to appear in collapsed groups. Getting this feature will give the greater flexibility to Admin when configuring groups on compensation worksheets.

6. Cropping Editor Added to Reward and Recognition Image Uploads

This release adds a cropping editor to the image uploading functionality. When we upload an image, an editor automatically appears, enabling us to crop the image while keeping the required aspect ratio.

If we are using  .jpeg or .png files for categories or levels, upload images with a transparent background for better results.

This time SAP has added the image editor to simplify the uploading process and make sure that images are in the required aspect ratio.

7. Currency Views Availability Field Added to Compensation Plans

In Compensation plans, administrators can now configure which currencies planners can view when working with compensation plans. Administrators can also specify which currency (local or functional) to use when importing currency-based fields from the User Data File into plans.


8. Eligibility Rules Supported for Custom Fields in Compensation Worksheets

We can now include custom fields in eligibility rules to determine employee eligibility in budget calculations.

We can enable up to 20 fields on a compensation template to be available for eligibility rules, then apply them on the Eligibility page. The following custom field types are supported: money, amount, string, date, decimal, and percent.

9. Maximum Number of Employees Per Compensation Worksheet Page Raised to 100

The system now supports display of up to 100 employees per page of compensation worksheets which was 50 employees earlier.

10. Multi-Select Filtering Supported Within Compensation When Publishing Employees in Employee Central.

We can select multiple filtering fields when using the Publishing Selected Employees in Employee Central functionality.

Before H2 2020, we were able to select only one field on which to filter and the limitation seems problematic when working on scenarios such as publishing employees from multiple countries/regions.

This is going to be very helpful.

11. New Layouts for Statement Templates

This is the Most amazing one that we can now use the new layouts from Success Store to align Compensation fields to the left, or below the text section in generated statements.

Earlier we were not allowed to  move the table and fields of compensation statement. but now we have the flexibility to display Compensation fields to the right, left, or below the text section of statements.

The new statement template layout increases usability and surely improves user experience with Compensation statements.

12. New Program Type Thank You

We can now create ‘Thank You” spot award programs to allow your employees recognize and appreciate their peers through non-monetary rewards or appreciation messages.

Budgets, guidelines, and currency configurations aren’t required when you create Thank You programs from Reward and Recognition admin page.

The new program makes it easier to process Thank You awards in Reward and Recognition.

13. Promotion Data Available in Compensation Report

We can now create worksheet reports containing promotion-based information for employees. The system exports data from Employee Central for EC-enabled templates, and from job selector fields within compensation for worksheets that aren’t EC-enabled.

Earlier we were not allowed to generate system reports of promotion information from Employee Central. We needed to do it manually go employee-by-employee through your worksheets to review promotion information, which can be time consuming for large groups of employees. but now adding this feature to the slot is going to be helpful

Moreover the best part is the Promotion Report link is within the Compensation Reports section.

14. Promotion Planning and Job Selector Within Compensation Template

We can now enable promotion planning and job selector functionality at the compensation template level. Previously, we used to enable promotion planning at the XML level, but not at the individual template level by means of the Compensation Admin interface.

15. Role based permission to control import of Executive Review Information

We can now control who can import data into Executive Reviews. We can allow access to every template or specify individual templates, to do so we need to maintain RBP accordingly.

I tried to cover all the important updates. Keep posting your comments if you see anything crucial other than mentioned above.

Also please find the documentation on the SAP Help Portal under SAP SuccessFactors Release Information, quick links under “What’s New” section will provide the detailed release summary across application.

Hope it has been helpful!!

See you soon with a new blog! Please stay safe.
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