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I have been with Human Capital Management for 13 years in which 11 years working with SAP HCM Implementations & Offshore support projects on modules like SAP Personnel Administration, Organization Management, Time, Recruitment, E-Recruitment, Payroll & Training & Events management and now moving to SuccessFactors. In Earlier days Annual Training calendars were prepared & employees were enrolled in excel & informed via email. It used to be a very cumbersome process & involved a lot of paperwork. It was very challenging to track Users who need Mandatory Training based on different attributes such as Job Code. There are many solutions provided from time to time, but now SAP SuccessFactors LMS provide robust technology for all training whether classroom or online where Users can enroll themselves from the homepage & Items can also be assigned automatically based on different attributes via Assignment Profiles. It’s a powerful & sturdy tool for allocating items to Users Dynamically.

LMS Administrators can also create Learnings (Items) and assigned to the Users manually and dynamically. It also solves the problem for the Users whose movement concerning Job happens in the middle of the year. Let’s say the Job Changes, e.g., From Reservoir Engineer to Executive Engineer & there are Mandatory training like the German Language that needs to be assigned to an employee who has job code “Executive engineer.” A tool like An Assignment profile based on job code can be scheduled through APM so that whoever having the job code “Executive engineer” is assigned mandatory training (German Language) without any human intervention. In this process, Items get pulled automatically for the users based on Business Rules. This Blog will show how to create the assignment profile and business rules in SuccessFactors LMS to assign these necessary items to users with specific Job code.


Apart from items SAP SuccessFactors LMS provide flexibility to assign following entities to set of users having specific criteria such as Job Code “Executive Engineer.”

Competency Profiles
Recommended Items
User Role


Now let’s see how assignment profiles can be created. To create the assignment profile following points are recommended –
> User’s attribute should be checked.
> Learnings/ Training (items) need to be checked for readiness of assignment.
> Single Assignment profile can be used to assign more than one entity. Here I am covering assignment profile that assigns Items automatically to users.

  1. Check User Attribute – Job Code as Executive Engineer

To check the user attribute go to Admin-->Users-->Search-->Select User-->Go to View all-->check attributes.


Above screen will appear with a list of Users. Select a User.


Above screen will appear with the list of Users. Select a User. Here I am selecting Ramdev Baba.

Let’s check User attribute. User Attribute JOB CODE is Executive Engineer.

Apart from Job Code for automatic assignment of learning items to User SAP SuccessFactors provide list of attributes that can be used with following Profile Attributes-

Assignment Profile Attributes
Address Job Location ID
Alternate Job Code ID Job Code ID
City Organization ID
Country Postal Code
Domain ID Region ID
Employee Status ID Regular/Temp
Employee Type ID State
Is Full-Time User ID
Hire Date Supervisor ID
Hire Month All User Custom Columns
Item Completion

2. Items Attribute

To check the readiness of item go to Admin -->Learning-->Items -->Search-->select the item.

Select C1IT_2001(Rev 1 – 11/14/2017 09:01 AM Africa/Cairo) German Language.

Check the readiness of assignment. It’s available for allocation.


After checking the User attribute & item details, let's create an assignment profile.


3. Create an Assignment Profile –

Go to Admin-->Users-->Assignment Profile -->Add new.

The following screen will appear. Click on assignment profile & then click on add new.


It will open a new window. Enter Assignment Profile Id (Required Field), Description, Domain(Required Field), Email, created For, Notes(If any).Click Add.

New Screen will appear. Currently No Items are assignment to assignment profile.

Item C1IT_2001 (Rev 1 – 11/14/2017 09:01 AM Africa/Cairo) the German Language should automatically pop up for users with Job Code Executive Engineer. To achieve this let’s assign the item to the assignment profile.

Go to Items -->add items-->select C1IT_2001(Rev 1 – 11/14/2017 09:01 AM Africa/Cairo) German Language -->Add.

The following screen will appear.Please note that Item German Language (item)is appearing with status pending.

Now next step is to go to Manage Rules to define the attributes on which users should be assigned.

The following screen will appear.

Now add domain set up domain àselect Public -->Add.

Now Public Domain is added to the setup domains.

Now Set up Rules –

1) Select Attribute as Job Code ID operator starts with & value as Executive. Save. SAP SuccessFactors provide following operators that can be used.

Assignment Profile Operators
Matches (Not for Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)
Between (For Hire Date only)
Contains (Not for Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)
Is Empty* (Not for Hire Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)
Equals (For Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)
Includes Sub Records of (Domain and Org only)
Starts With (Not for Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)
Does Not Match (Not for Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)
Does Not Contain (Not for Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)
Is Not Empty (Not for Hire Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)
Does Not Equal (For Hire Date and Item Completion only)
Does Not Start With (Not for Hire Date/Month, Item Completion and Is Full-Time)
On or After (For Hire Date )
On or Before (For Hire Date only)
Include Indirect Reports of (For Supervisor only)

2) Now click on preview users in Assignment profile. Users with matching attribute will get populated.



Once Rules are set up to select the Propagate action should be triggered to activate the assignment profiles.

3) To propagate click on Actions-->Propagate.




Select ‘Run this Job Immediately’ to enforce rule now else it can be scheduled for later. It’s similar to Background jobs in SAP HCM.

Select Notify via email upon completion & enter email id if you want to notify someone of job completion. Here I am deselecting notification & selecting the run this job immediately & finish.



The following screen will appear.


Now check the items assigned to assignment profile status become valid.



The user should be assigned Item German Language. To check Login as Ramdev Baba & check on my learning assignments.




The German Language is assigned to User Ramdev Baba. To conclude here, we understood how SAP SuccessFactors provide such a powerful tool to resolve the problem of assigning mandatory training dynamically based on Job Code & shows item assignments to the selected users based on different attributes.