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This blog will help you to create a Route map with a "custom role" for performance management in

SuccessFactors. By following the below steps, you can assign a custom role as step owner.

Case Study

I came across a unique requirement for the performance route map where businesses want to include the compensation planner in the final review step of the performance form. Where Compensation planner is not a Manager (EM) or not even 2nd level manager, but He/she is a random leadership team who is going to finalize the ratings and compensation plan. The Compensation planner should be a step owner of the "Final Review" step of the route map. Hence, we will now create a custom role where business can maintain a compensation planner as the final reviewer of performance forms.

Note: To create an "EA" custom role for performance Management Route Map, EC needs to be enabled.

Step 1: Go to "Picklist Center" and search for the "jobRelType" picklist, then click on the "+" icon to

add a new picklist value.


Step 2: Input values for "External Code" as "second manager" and Status as "Active" and Label as



Step 3: As we will be using this second manager as both the compensation planner and the Final

reviewer of the performance form.

Now maintain values under "Second Manager" column in the UDF file.



Step 4: Go to "Manage Route Map" and select "View your route map list" Click on the "Add New

Route Map" button.



Step 5: Add one step under "Modify Stage of Route Map" and name it as required.



Step 6: Now select the step type as "Single" and the role as "Custom".


Step 7: Insert the name of the custom role into the route map.

Input the value into the value field as "EA".



Fill out all of the required fields on the route map before saving and closing it.

Step 8: Map this route map to the required performance template and update with all permissions.

and settings.


Launch the PM form with the same Template, you will be able to see the Final review step owner as respective "Second Manager" .



Hope the above steps has helped you to create a Route map with a "custom role" for performance management in SuccessFactors.

Through this route map step, "Custom Owner Type" you can not only include the compensation planner but also any other eligible employees. This UDF file's "second manager" field is mostly used for compensation.

Please feel free to post your queries or share your experiences in the comments section of this blog.

I would be happy to Answer your questions and know your experience regarding the same.

Please share this blog with your peers so that this information can be for them.


Thank you!
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