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Remember that song “Bad Romance” by famous Lady Gaga? Yup! You do, a nice track and worth listening. But this post has nothing to do with that single, it’s just the title. Yes, you read that correct! This post is all about the Leave Request approval workflow when invoked from SAP Fiori or SAP ESS/MSS. This blog series also covers almost all the issues faced during Approval of Leave Request.


Well, it’s all over SCN, people are facing issues with Leave Request approval, either it is done through ESS/MSS or via SAP all new Fiori UX. Now, where the actual problem lies? This question surely needs to be answered. Why? Because if we closely look at the Workflow delivered by SAP, we won't see any problem.

The problem lies when the standard workflow is customized to incorporate the multi-level approval magic and I can bet you, no one uses the single level approval for their organization. Most of them or in fact all of them use the Multi-Level approval to handle their employee’s leave request.

Let’s get straight to the point, you will see hundreds of unanswered (yes unanswered) posts on SCN regarding multi-level Leave Request workflow. I wonder how the guys are doing now? I hope they are doing great but I didn’t find any solution over the internet. These issues related to the Approval of Leave Request have different categories.

  1. Some of the guys are not able to SEND the leave. Well, that’s pretty straight forward

  2. Most of them are not able to change the status from SENT to APPROVED. Yes, this is the main and the foremost issue they encounter.

  3. There are few lads who are not able to POST leaves.

  4. There are also ST22 dumps reported for the Class: CA_PT_REQ_HEADER==============CP, CX_OS_DB_INSERT and with a very silly exception: UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION. We will cover this part as well.

So, to build up the case I thought to put this information up front before covering the actual issue. If the above is clear, then get ready for the business scenario.

Business Scenario

I have just finished a project and support is going on these days. There was a legit requirement from the client that Leave Request (Multi-Level) Workflow is required but that should be synchronous from SAP Fiori and SAP ESS/MSS. Didn’t get my point? Let me explain:

  1. If a leave request is raised from SAP Fiori, then the same should be visible in ESS UWL for approval and vice versa.

  2. If a leave request is being approved from ESS then it should not be visible in SAP Fiori Approve Leave Request app.

  3. If leave is raised and WTHDRAWN before approval, then again it should vanish from ESS and Fiori

  4. If a Leave request is rejected either from ESS/MSS or Fiori, so this should not be visible in any of them.

Now I think you got the business requirement and a genuine one.

Solution - For the Business Scenario and Case - Part 2

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