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In this section we will learn about the process of routing the Performance forms (PM Forms) on the basis of set criteria automatically with the help of background jobs.


Let us assume your customer wants to have the employees to enter goals between 3-8 goals (.i.e. Minimum 3 Goals & Maximum 8 Goals) and once the criteria is met the form should auto route to the second step of the route map. And this should happen till a particular time and after that the employees who don’t meet the criteria they will remain at the first step itself and they are considered as not eligible for the Performance Review.


You need to follow the below steps in order to achieve the results.

  • Understanding the Route Map.

  • Setting up the criteria.

  • Job Creation.

Understanding the Route Map.

In the given scenario your customer wants to launch the forms on 30th April and wants the forms to be available in second step (.i.e. Year End Self Evaluation) starting 2nd May. This process should continue to run until 30th May and only the employees who have passed the criteria should advance to Year End Self Evaluation on 2nd of May.

Setting up the Criteria.

You need to start building the criteria by setting up the goal minimum and maximums, for the follow the below mentioned path.

Admin Center>Manage Templates>Performance form>Edit Fields and Sections> Goals>

In the advance options you can set the goal limits

After that we need to set up the validation, which will be done in the route map as below. We need to give the start and end date in the first step and we need check the Automatic send on due date check box and subsequently the only send forms that pass validation radio button.


So now we have set the criteria and the validation process. In this case the forms which pass the validation will be ready to be picked up from the step 1 and pushed to step 2.

Job Creation

We need to create the auto form route job from provisioning this will pick the forms which have passed the validation and will push it to the next step. You can call this as an overnight process, this job can be set for the period requested by the customer.


This way you can route forms automatically setting up a criteria for the same, this process will always help you to get the best out of the system.

Additional inputs are always welcomed !!
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