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Hi My SAP World,

This is my first attempt to share a blog with all of you regarding my experience of a latest requirement that I have been associated with. There has always been a requirement of restricting an employee to proceed with a claim request towards a reimbursement once the employee has resigned from the system. Now the method of resigning from the system is absolutely company specific which may differ. Some company may have the employee initiating the Voluntary separations followed by approvals from Manager and HR. Some may have the resignation process that doesn't involve any ESS/MSS action and HR Admin/Exit Admin runs the event of Separation/Termination directly in Employee Central. But the ultimate system update which will be executed in Employee Central is a Termination/Separation entry in the Job Information portlet of the employee.

With this blog post, I would like to share with all of you how we can restrict an employee to claim even if the Separation/Termination event record is in future date (not yet effective) but the employee who is serving his/her notice period will not be able to claim anything new in the system as the "Start A Claim" button will be removed. One more good news here is that in case the employee has a claim request which is "Pending Approval" status and appears in the "In Process Claim" section of the employee's My Benefits will not be impacted.

Points to be noted:

  • All the screenshots and data that are being used in the blog is from the Sales Demo system.

To meet this requirement of restricting the employee from claiming, we have to update the business rule which is being used as the Eligibility Rule against the Benefit (Reimbursement) in Benefits Admin Overview. In case there is no such Eligibilty Rule assigned in the Benefit, then we need to create one rule and assign the same in the Elgibilty rule section. But prior to that we have to keep it in mind that future dated action cannot be captured in a rule, so as  a workaround we can create a new Event Reason tagged under Data Change and name that as Resignation in Progress/Separation in Progress as per our requirement. So as soon as the employee initiates the resignation, the Exit Admins can execute this event of Data Change and event reason as Separation in Progress. Based on this workaround, we can restrict the employee from claiming post resignation.


Steps we need to follow to get the desired result are mentioned below for reference:

  • We need to create the business rule with condition to make the system understand that we need to check the record of Separation in Progress/Termination in Progress for employees even if it is not the top of the stack record and if all the conditions are matching for an employee then the Entitlement Amount to be 0, which will remove the Start A Claim button from the benefit section:



  •       Now we need to assign the rule in Eligibility Rule section against the Benefit in Benefits Admin Overview:



  • Before the Termination event has been executed for the employee, let's see how it looks like in the My Benefits section for the employee:



As we can see here, the Start a Claim is appearing for the employee here to initiate a claim.


  • Now once Resignation In Progress event reason has been executed and Termination event on a future date for the employee, let's see how it looks like in the My Benefits section for the employee:

Job Information for Resignation in Progress record:

Job Information for Resignation record as on a future date:



My Benefits Section as on September 1, 2019:

Now we can see that the Start a Claim button is no longer available for the employee to initiate a new Claim request, whereas the previous claims even if it is on pending approval status for the same reimbursement plan remains the same with no impact.


This was my experience with this requirement that I have worked on recently.

I will really appreciate if you can give some time of yours to my first blog post and let me know your feedback towards the same.

Thanks You!!


Abhishek M







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