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Business requirement

Our client intended to display/default multiple pay components for a given country via a business rule, additionally there were two major requests:

  1. Amount of certain pay components should be restricted via a range of values. For example, well-being allowance could be a minimum of Rs 1000 and can reach upto Rs 25000 max.

  2. Percentage based pay components should hold only a certain percentage. For example, Pensionable Salary- Memo for South Africa can either be 65% | 75% | 85% of total package.


Configuration steps


  1. Download corporate data model and enable following fields for <hris-element id="payComponent">

Corporate data model config

  1. Upload updated corporate data model and verify the config on pay component screen.

Pay Component with custom fields.

  1. Go to Manage Data and create two Message Definitions as defined below:

Message Definition 1

Message Definition 2

  1. Create a business rule with following conditions:
    Scenario: Trigger Rules to validate HRIS ElementsBase object: Compensation Model

Business rule screen 1

Business rule screen 2

  1. Attach this rule onchange of Amount and on save of payComponentRecurring

Attaching the rule part 1

Attaching the rule part 2

  1. Setup a pay component to hold these custom values and test the rule out.

Test data 1

Test result 1

Test result 2

Points to note:


  1. If both range and valid value are maintained, first range would be checked, then valid value. Therefore, valid values should always be defined within range.

  2. Valid values will have to be separated with a | symbol with space from both the numbers.

  3. For Valid value, whole numbers must be maintained along with a decimal and 0 at pay component level, as shown in the example.

Test Data

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