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As we approach the year-end, many of us may encounter a common payroll error that could disrupt our payroll adjustments. In this blog post, I'd like to highlight the importance of validating processing class 82 for all wage types used in these adjustments.

Symptom: When you're running a payroll adjustment using Infotype 0221, you might come across the following error message:

'Assignment for WCB was found on C 10000001 for C1 split 01 on 20221231'

Reason: This error occurs because the specification class for PC82 is missing.

Solution: The good news is that resolving this error is relatively straightforward. You need to maintain processing class 82 with specification 0 or 1, and this should effectively eliminate the payroll error.

By ensuring that processing class 82 is properly configured, you can smoothly navigate the year-end payroll adjustments without any hiccups.
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