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As we know SAP has released the report story for quite some time now , I would share few tips in small blogs starting from this one.

There is often a need to show count of the employees on a Demographic report in the HR  reporting. The count functionality is quite simple and easy to be done. But if we add percentages it looks more meaningful in terms of statistics about the data set that we want to visualize.

Here I will cover how to show % counts on the dashboard .


Step #1. First Define your data set

Here I would take an example of Job info.

Step#2.Select required fields, save your query

Step#3.Then on the layout  insert a new chart with the below chart type selection

Step#4.In the measures select as shown below

Step#5.The first chart will look as below

Step#6.Next we have to repeat the same to add one more chart but with a measure formula

Step#7. Some more Formulas

Once a restricted measure is created , name the formula and save it by clicking ok. Now the restricted formula is ready to use within other formulas too , similarly create one more formula as active users with measure type aggregation.

Step#8.Getting the %

Next create a new formula named as %Male and write the below

Step#9. Formatting the output

Once this step is done , next click on the three dots as shown below and a formatting option will appear

Click on the format option and then select as shown below

Step#10.Once done you will be able to see the chart element as shown belowLike wise for any other measure as well this can be achieved.


Here we learned to Create the following

  1. Basic Report Query with or without formulas inside it

  2. Defining Calculated Measures

  3. Using one Calculated Measure into a new Calculated Measure

  4. Formatting the output to show % Male or % Female as needed

Here point to note is , we can have flexibility to have calculated measures created on design time of the graph and not limited to the formulas created inside the queries.

Do revert with any queries on this small tip , it would help me contribute better!

For more  related information do join the Jam group for People analytics .
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