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In this Blog I want to cover a topic which would be of interest to the HR folks who love to slice and dice data for a quick update to a specific Decision meeting or providing breakup of a set of data as General reporting .

The People analytics tool comes with a plethora of options when it comes to visualizing the data in a static non interactive report or a more useful interactive report which allows slicing and dicing of data .


Define the data source as needed , if a step by step guide is needed refer to my earlier blogs Report story tips part 1 and part2


Create a Chart with one measure and one Dimension

Click on the configure Measures & Dimensions

In this step you will see all the measures and Dimensions you have created for your report. Select one of the measure and then add the required dimensions as shown below.

Click ok and then you can see the explorer view enabled as shown below.


Now click on the Explorer Available link


You will see the above screen where you can select the measure and you see the default dimension selected , now here you can add more dimensions to the chart and even change the chart type here

If you see the highlighted dimensions are showing up as age ranges and Division breakup in the above example.

You can even select the chart type and have a desired different view of the same data as required

and last thing you can create copy of this char and make it on to the main report by clicking on the copy icon .

This will enable the HR user to have a output to view later on as required without entering the explorer mode once the slice and dice part is done with.


We have learned the below

  1. To Define a data source

  2. Create a normal graph

  3. To enable the explorer view

  4. To slice and dice the data in the explorer view

  5. To create a copy of the explorer view you created.

Feel free or ask questions or leave comments!

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