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Hi Readers,

As you should hopefully be aware by now that SAP SuccessFactors has been progressing with a new CPM page design and functionality.

SAP  introduced the Latest (Reimagined) CPM Experience in 2H 2020 release. This new experience provides users with a redesigned UI and an improved experience related to activities, achievements, and meetings. In addition, SAP has introduced new functionality including support for users with multiple roles and feedback from multiple stakeholders.

Things covered in this blog post

  1. CPM & its Functionality

  2. What's Changing

  3. Limitations

  4. How to Upgrade

  5. Dates to Note

  6. Summary

1. CPM & its Functionality

Continuous Performance Management is a solution for employees to get quick feedback on their work through frequent and structured conversations with their managers. For managers, CPM is a way to track the progress of their team effortlessly and it offers a simple way to provide coaching advice.

Performance is not something that should be measured just once each year. To truly impact performance on a positive basis, employees and managers should have regular check-ins to ensure employees are working on the right aspects of their jobs in the right way.

In Continuous Performance Management, an Activity is an entity that enables you to keep a track of the items you are working on.

Most of the actions in Continuous Performance Management are performed in the Activities view.
You can easily track your work and that of your direct reports, by creating and monitoring activities, assigning an appropriate status to the activities, and linking the activities to performance goals and development goals.

2. What's Changing

In CPM 2.0 we don’t have any option to create new Achievements like in CPM 1.0 but when you change the Status as complete then it will show you a check box to “make as an Achievement “. If you make this check then the completed activity will turn into an Achievement.

  • “Discussion Topics” replaces “Other Topics“. Any existing content within “Other Topics” gets converted to “Discussion Topics“.

  • There is also a new feature called “Meeting Notes“.

  • Multiple role is a new permission-based feature that allows users to have 1:1 meetings with anyone in their organization.

  • “Enable Activity-Feedback Linking ” to link activities and activities tagged as achievements to feedback.

  • Use of the latest version of Continuous Feedback.
    “Disable Deleting Feedback” is a carryover from the prior version that is now available in the latest release which prevents a user from deleting any existing feedback.

3. Limitations

Cannot create a new achievement directly. Activities must be used to create achievements.

Several features are no longer available with the latest version of CPM:

  • Achievement Feedback

  • Achievement Linking to Goals

  • Achievement Linking to Development Goals

  • Coaching

4. How to Upgrade

1. Navigate to the Admin Center > Upgrade Center

2. Look for Latest Continuous Performance Management and select Learn More & Upgrade Now

3. After reviewing prerequisites and important notes, proceed with the upgrade

NOTE: This is a one-way upgrade. It is worth noting if you are contemplating the move to the latest version of CPM, once the latest version is enabled, you can’t go back. If you disable the legacy version of CPM using the Performance Management Feature Settings or Provisioning and then re-enable CPM, the enabled version is the latest, not the legacy version. When upgrading to the latest version, all current CPM users are impacted.

5. Dates to Note

This is currently planned to be a universal (i.e., mandatory) update to all instances shortly after the 1H 2022 release. The legacy version of Continuous Performance Management  End of Maintenance on May 20, 2022, means SAP does not fix bugs or deliver patches for this software.

6. Summary

To sum up, SAP SuccessFactors CPM is a great feature. It's a growing feature with a lot of new ideas in the works. CPM will be retired as of May 19, 2023. The replacement is the latest version of CPM, initially released in 2H 2020, that is currently available in the Upgrade Center. If no action is taken, your company will be automatically upgraded to the latest version after the retirement date.

I recommend  Latest CPM to our customers to have a seamless experience with the redesigned UI and to begin planning for this great upgrade.

Have an idea? would love to hear from you. Express your thoughts below & please feel free to ask your questions in the comments section of this blog. I'd be pleased to share my knowledge with you.  Do share your views and the features you liked the most in the latest UI. Share this blog with your peers.

See my earlier blog post for more information on universal Reimagined Home Page upgrade- 1H 2022 Release. It has a lot of info to keep you updated on the latest release.
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