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Greetings, Community 🙂

I hope everyone is doing fantastic.

Here are few things to emphasize as many of you have discovered the eagerly anticipated and intriguing feature of reopening the calibration session.


Manage Calibration Session 

After the 2H release , now facilitator and co-facilitator on the calibration session can be given permission to reopen a calibration session.

Please note that after reopening the finalized  session, the form will be routed a step back and will again move into calibration session.

The below setting needs to be enabled for using this feature in Admin center -->Manage Calibration session-->Approved session -->Reopen

Calibration Settings


When this feature is enabled Facilitator and Co-facilitator can see an additional icon in Action column in their list of calibration sessions.

Reopen icon

Once reopened, Facilitator and Co-facilitator will have the access to reopen all Finalized sessions for both In- Progress and Completed performance forms i.e. they can open previously closed, finalized sessions from previous closed performance cycle which will have impact on completed form and will take it to "Calibration" step.

Currently there is no option available to only make it available for In Progress forms.

Visit the "What's New Viewer" for a comprehensive overview of all the application's enhancements for a complete release summary.
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