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The deprecation of 360 Reviews v11 Version was announced again in the current release of 1H 2022. With the deprecation, it is necessary to migrate to the new version of 360 Reviews: 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version or adopt an alternative solution. In the last releases, there were several updates regarding 360 Reviews SAP Fiori Version and the majority of features and functionalities that were available in 360 Reviews v11 were gradually moved into the new version of SAP Fiori.

In this article, I will give an overview of the release updates for 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version that have been available since 1H 2020. Also, I will introduce the newly added features of the current release cycle 1H 2022 and point out the highlights that are particularly helpful and recommended. After reading this article, you should gain a picture about what have been provided throughout the past releases and is newly possible in the 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version that should help you with the migration to it.

Deprecation of 360 Reviews v11 Version

The end of development has already taken place on November 20, 2020. The 360 Reviews v11 can still be used and bugs are fixed until November 18, 2022. At this time, it is very recommended to switch over to SAP Fiori Version if you have not done so. On May 20, 2023, the 360 Reviews v11 will be deleted and you should now be using the SAP Fiori Version or an alternative solution.

Release Updates from 1H 2020 until 2H 2021

The following table shows the release updates for 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version since 1H 2020 until 2H 2021 and also, whether it is an addition of a feature that achieves feature parity with 360 Reviews v11 or a newly added functionality.

Release Cycle Reference No. Name Description available in v11
1H2020 MTR-5402 Autosave for Comments Changes are automatically saved every five seconds. no
1H2020 MTR-5403 Send Copy Users can send a copy of a completed 360 form. yes
1H2020 MTR-4779 Add External Participants User can add external participants to rater list. yes
1H2020 MTR-4778 External Participants update Forms External participants can rate and comment to 360 form. yes
1H2020 MTR-5457 360 Executive Review Page 360 Executive Review page is added. yes
2H2020 MTR-3360 Detailed 360 Report Redesigned version of Detailed 360 Report. yes
2H2020 MTR-5430 Advanced Search of Universal People Search Available Advanced Search options in Universal People Search (Find Employee dialog box) are available. yes
1H2021 MTR-4785 Add Approvers  Users can add approvers when form is in Modify Stage. yes
1H2021 MTR-5419 More Form Actions available Users can check form information and delete the form directly on a 360 form. yes
1H2021 MTR-5416 EZ Rater available Competency and goal items are displayed in compact list view. yes
1H2021 MTR-5584 Stack Ranker available Managers can view team stacked up against one another. yes
1H2021 MTR-5431 Development Goal section available Users can configure development goal section in a 360 form template. yes
1H2021 MTR-5420 Form History available Users can access earlier versions of the 360 form. yes
1H2021 MTR-5418 Print Preview available A preview of 360 form before printing is available. yes
1H2021 MTR-5520 Section Description fully displayed by default Section descriptions are fully displayed by default and can be collapsed. yes
1H2021 MTR-6146 Display a Data Table for Chart Data table view is available in 360 Executive Review and Detailed 360 Report. no
1H2021 MTR-6205 Display External Users in Search Result when adding Participants Users can search for external users when adding participants, even though "Hide External Users from search result" is enabled. no
2H2021 MTR-8086 Add External Participants when Users have no Search Permission Users who do not have permission to search for external users can search for external users by email address and add them to the rater list. no
2H2021 MTR-6132 360 Reviews Tasks on the Latest Home Page Users can view the tasks Complete 360 Evaluation and Complete Your 360 Evaluation in the For You Today section on the latest home page. no

Release Updates of 1H 2022

In the current release cycle, there are still some addition of features to 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version which provide feature parity with 360 Reviews v11. These updates are only described shortly in the table below, since you should be familiar with the functionalities in the v11 environment. Some enhancements are totally new and lead to improved processes in the 360 review phase, so there will be some more details and analyzes about these new features in the following.

Release Updates added to achieve feature parity with 360 Reviews v11:

Reference No. Name Description
MTR-5969 Add First Matrix Manager and All Matrix Managers as Default Rater Categories Users can add First Matrix Manager and All Matrix Managers as default categories to the rater list.
MTR-6139 Enforce Start Date on Route Map Participants can access the 360 form from their Inbox in a read-only mode before the start date.
MTR-5440 Learning Activities in Development Goal Section Users can add, view and delete learning activities in the Development Goal section.
MTR-8213 Form Titles editable  Users can edit form titles of a 360 form received in their Inbox.
MTR-5989 Select Multiple Employees on Advanced Search Dialog Users can select multiple participants in the Advanced Search Dialog and add them to the rater list at once.
MTR-7688 Participants able to recall Completed Forms Participants can recall a completed 360 form by themselves, so the form moves into their Inbox again.
MTR-5433 Process Owner able to see Participants on Anonymous Forms Process Owner can view basic information about participants on the rater list of an anonymous form.

New features and enhanced processes:

There are now two buttons for sending reminders in the Evaluation Summary section to participants who have not given any feedback yet. With the Send Reminder button, users can send a reminder to a single participant and with the Send Reminder to All button, users can send reminders to all participants.

Furthermore, there is a confirmation step added to the process of sending reminders. After clicking one of the reminder buttons, a confirmation box appears asking the user to confirm the reminder action. After confirmation, the reminder will be sent.

What are the benefits?

This enhancement allows users to cancel the reminder action, if it was, for example, triggered accidentally and makes the reminder sending process more user-friendly.


If some initially nominated raters decline to provide feedback in the Evaluation Stage of a 360 Review, Process Owners can now add alternative participants to the rater list, in order to receive enough feedback.

What are the benefits?

By refilling vacancies during the Evaluation Stage, it is ensured that the 360 Review still has enough participants to give sufficient feedback and there is no need to launch a whole new form. This provides much flexibility into the 360 review process as adjustments can be done after form launch. Also, it will save resources that would have been invested for re-launching a 360 form.


It is now possible to control whether to show or hide the checkbox "Nonremovable for Raters" on a form in the Modify Stage. If the checkbox should not appear on 360 forms, because rating items should never be removed by participants, the checkbox can now be hidden. Previously, the checkbox always appeared on the 360 forms.

What are the benefits?

If the company decides that competencies should never be removable by raters, this enhancement provides an additional control measure to limit the employees in changing the standard settings decided by the company. Especially, it removes the effort to pay attention to the checkbox next to each rating item in the Modify Stage.


When the 360 form is not rated by behaviors, behavior descriptions can now still be shown under each competency in the Competency section. The behavior descriptions are hidden by default. When selecting the arrow button next to the behavior name, the corresponding behavior descriptions are displayed.

What are the benefits?

With this enhancement, a 360 form is more informative as it provides behavior name and in addition, the behavior description. When raters give feedback, they have more resources to understand what the rating item is about and can give a more precise rating.


Please remember that the 360 Reviews v11 will be deleted on the May 20, 2023. Therefore, it is essential to be familiar with the new version 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version and consider the migration to it, if not already done so.

I hope this summary of the release updates for 360 Reviews - SAP Fiori Version from 1H 2020 until  1H 2022 gave you a good insight about the possibilities of the new 360 Reviews version that were gradually provided throughout the past release cycles and the new features that come into production with the current release cycle on May 20, 2022.

To get more information, please refer to the links below.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below or register for the Release Q&A Series.


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