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What is Reimagined Home Page?


As part of the HXM strategy, SAP’s Reimagined Home Page helps companies to provide Individualized, Efficient and Opportunity focused experience to their employees. The Reimagined Home Page provides intuitive and seamless entry point for all SAP SuccessFactors software to users. The redesign focuses on dynamic content such as frequently performed and “save for later” actions and time-sensitive tasks, and all content is organized based on what is most relevant to the individual – from rewards and recognition to development goals.

Reimagined Home Page is available for both the web and the SF mobile applications.



What features do we get?


  1. Header:


With this new header the companies can brand the header to maintain the Branding of their company. It has the separate Mobile and the Desktop view available and there is only one check box for applying to both the Landscape and the Portrait view. It has two separate Image Uploaders, one for the mobile and one for the Portrait(Mobile) view.


2. Quick Actions-Driver for efficiency:



Quick actions intend to allow users to perform a quick task without navigating away from homepage.

  • Take action on your tasks without navigating away from the home page, as quick as buying an ice cream

  • Gives users a focused experience, with minimal interactions.

  • Administrators' control coming soon

  • Driven by Company Features in provisioning


3. Engagement Cards: User Specific Content on Home Page


Drive individualization, by providing the user specific content. The users can view the information like their bonus payment. SAP follows the layered approach of providing information, with first layer of information providing the quick information, the second layer providing more detailed information. The users can also have the link, that can take them to the relevant section for for more details.


You may have a question of how these cards are generated, i will be diving a bit deeper on this topic. We have the following cards available and the below information will give the details of how these cards are generated and respective modules:




Can I add a Custom Card?


Yes, you can add a custom card to the Reimagined Home Page. You can create custom cards in the Organizational Updates section, as well as import custom tiles from the legacy home page to the New Home Page Experience.


I am a customer, should I turn on the Reimagined Home Page?


SAP is targeting to make the Reimagined Home Page universal by 1H 2022 release and hence targeting to retire the legacy Home Page.


Can we test it before rolling it to all our employees?


The Reimagined Home Page can be tested before rolling out company wide, on a controlled group of users.

We recommend that you start working on this be an early starter to plan better.


What are the differences between the Legacy and Reimagined Home Page?


The Reimagined Home Page is an important part of SAP overall HXM strategy and here are the differences.

What is coming soon?


Workflow approvals

Non-Approval To DOs

Different Categories for To-Dos

Simplified and consolidating Onboarding Experience.

More control for Admins



What are the availability dates for Reimagined Home Page? 


General Availability: 1H 2021

Universal: 1H 2022

Continued Innovation 2022+


To Summarize, the Reimagined Home Page is a great offering from SAP SuccessFactors and is the key feature of SAP HXM Strategy. It is an evolving feature there are lots of innovation in the pipeline.

You definitely will have questions, please feel free to comment with your questions on this blog post or share your experiences. I would be more than happy to share knowledge with you and we can make this feature implementation a success. 

Also you may want to keep track of the latest release features that you can implement for your Company at has a lot of information to keep you up to date.



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