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Someone been busy at SAP – the presentation held recently for Recruiting included a humongous slide deck, I will not cover all the released functionality for Q3. But just write – Q3 for recruiting is a large release, can we expect the same for Q4. I surely hope so. What would you like to have included in the Q4 release?

There is no screen shoots yet – they are still under the None Disclosure Agreement from SAP, but hopefully it will be released soon. This blog does not contain the full overview, but the parts that I find relevant for you and me. All the other new content and corrections are still highly relevant.

Overall the Q3 major release is expected to give new functionality for the following areas:

  • Recruiting Management

  • Recruiting Marketing

  • Recruiting posting

  • Minor areas

Integration towards other background check vendors than, First Advantage and Verifications. This functionality will open for integration with any background check vendors that the customers prefer.


The functionality can be utilized through at least three different options and approaches:

  • They can use one custom background check vendor

  • For the advanced user requirements – more than one background check vendor can be included, if required multiple background vendors can attached to the same requisition. The customer can utilize the API technology for custom integrations. It is also possible to expose the functionality by the OData API.

  • Multiple background check vendors are currently building standard integration, see the App center

The beta version of the rules engine covering recruiting management is in beta for the Q3. The engine covers job requisitions / offer approval for the following OnSave, OnInit and OnChange. The customer is not required to have implemented Employee Central for usage of the rules engine for recruiting management. In the future the functionality can be used for supporting the customer specific process, here among supporting a faster and easier data registration.

Multiple supports of Application Tracking Systems (ATS), it will make it possible for SAP SuccessFactors customers to integrate with Recruiting Management and other third party Application Tracking System (ATS) vendors. But why the new functionality, it will support clients phased project roll out. So the clients can publish their job in a single career site. And also make it possible for clients to use multiple Application Tracking System (ATS).

Implementation of new post manager rollout, it is a backend improvement, which plugs all Recruiting Posting modules. Will improve performance and decrease errors.

Consistency of the user interface for the below areas – which has been “Fiorized”:

  • Job Requisition – Job Requisition Detail – Internal Posting Preview

  • Job Requisition – Job Requisition Detail – ExternaI Posting Preview

The above is only the start – more will come in the future releases, be aware that the Fiori User Experience 2016 should be enabled in the upgrade center. Contact your SAP SuccessFactors Partner for more information.

And a whole lot more functionality for the Q3 – hang in there for more updates for the Q3 for SAP SuccessFactors Recruting.

Anders Bang Christoffersen, I did it my way. Started as soldier and later HR clerk in the Danish Army, so I know what the HR admin tasks are. Ended my education with a Master in IT, is working with SAP SuccessFactors at Zalaris HR Services. If you have questions – please reach out.

Best regards

Anders Bang Christoffersen, SAP SuccessFactors Consultant, Center of Excellence SAP SuccessFactors Zalaris HR Services