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Data Capture form is one of the most powerful features of SAP Recruiting. It gives flexibility to customer and SAP consultant to enhance their interaction process with candidates and attract them to explore the site more.



  1. Customer should have license of RCM and RMK.

  2. Candidate Profile Extension is enabled and added to the candidate profile

  3. Candidate Account Simplification should be enabled and configured.


Part 1 - Enable the Data Capture Form in Recruiting Marketing Command Center

Step 1: In Command Center, navigation to Site > Site Setup > Setting.

Step 2: Enable the Use CRM option.

Once enabled, the Data Capture Form option will be available under Tools section in Career Site Builder.


Part 2 – Add a custom field in the Data Capture Form

For this blog, we are creating a field that will be used to capture the candidate’s functional skills and this field will carry value of Job Function that are available in system.

Step 1: Navigate to Candidate Profile Extension in Configure Object Definitions under Object Definitions

Step 2: Click Take Action available top right corner of the screen and then click Make Correction.

Step 3: Scroll to last field and mention the name and click details.

Step 4: In the pop up define the type of the field, for this case we are using picklist as in system Job Function is available as the picklist.

  1. Data Type – Picklist

  2. Valid Values Source – jobFunction (This value contains picklist ID of Job Function picklist)
    Note: if you are using string or number data type then leave this field as blank

  3. Label – Your Key Competencies
    Note: Translate this into all the languages enables in the system, by clicking the Globe icon

Leave the rest of the fields untouched and Save it.

Step 5: This will take some time to reflect on the RMK, so navigate to OData API Metadata Refresh And Export and Refresh Metadata Cache

Now the field will be visible in the Data Capture Form.


Part 3 – Data Capture Form creation

Step 1: Navigate to Data Capture Form under Tools.

Step 2: Click the +Add button on the top right corner and fill the name.

Note: You can also create different data capture form on the basis of the Locale as well.

Step 3: Go to Details and enable the Is Active option. Otherwise the data capture form will not be visible under Active filter.

Step 4: Go to Layout and Select the fields as per the requirement by click the +Add button.

Now the custom field that we have created is populating with a Postfix (Extension). This reflects that this is not a standard field.

Note: If some changes are made in the picklist or the picklist values are not coming properly then click on the field (cust_jobFunction-Your Key Competencies (Extension)) and click Refresh button available under Picklist button.


Part 4 – Embedding Data Capture Form to a Landing Page

Step 1: Navigate to Landing Page in which you want to embed the Data Capture form. Click Data Capture Form widget.

Note: If Data Capture Form widget is not available in the Landing Page then you can simply add it by click +Add button on the top-right corner of the page.


Step 2: Under Details,

  1. Data Capture Form: Select the Form

  2. Data Capture Form Code: Fill any unique code that you have not used in any other data form
    Note: Data Capture Form Code is useful for various functionalities like marketing mails, talent pools, etc.

Fill the remaining details as per the requirement.

Step 3: Under Style, place the color combination as per the customer branding guidelines or design.

Step 4: Under DPCS Style, beautify the DPCS link and the content coming in the pop-up.

Once done the Data Privacy Consent Statement Box will appear like below.

If you have very long DPCS statement and it is going out of the page like below image.

Then the solution available in the below blog.

Recruiting Marketing – How to fix Data Privacy Consent Statement box

Step 5: Under Job Alerts, you mention the job alert that will create for each candidate who will register through the Data Capture Form. If you do so then Candidate will receive the automatics notification in regards of that Job Alert.



Save and Publish the configuration we have just done. We will see a similar Data Capture Form in the landing page.

Now we can use the same method to create different custom fields to use the data capture form in different ways. For example, from the above example we can use it attract passive candidates, to interact with candidates in job fairs, to run different campaigns and many more.



We have learned how we can add a custom field in the data capture form and how we can utilize the data capture form to interact with candidate by using the different custom field.


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I hope this blog has answered the questions or concerns usually raised in respect of Data Capture Form or Candidate Profile Extension. I will be happy to address any further question in the comments.


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