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'Recall' button on the Team Overview page

Managers have the ability to recall the form that is sent to employee's signature step to the previous step from the team overview page itself.


Once the manager clicks on Recall, the form moves one step back - eg., to discussion/meeting stage; allowing the managers to have routing control to some degree.


Helpful feature:

This feature if helpful, as if there are changes in the discussion ; eg., if the manager wants to edit the form before sending it for acknowledgement.


Limited admin access to managers: No need to provide admin rights to access admin tools to route a form to managers.

Steps to reproduce the scenario:

  • Launch a form that would contain a signature step with employee.

  • Move the form to Employee signature step.

  • As a Manager, open Team Overview page.

  • Locate the form.

  • Recall button will appear in the Employee Signature step.


Recall button cannot be disabled. The button will not appear if the Manager is looking at the form via Team Overview while the form is in a signature step with a Manager him/herself.

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