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Let’s see few exciting examples we can achieve using the super combination of SuccessFactors Employee Central - Integration Center - SAP CPI.

First things first, hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. Please carry a mask while going out and ensure to sanitize exposed surfaces.

2020, the year, which literally changed the way we work, or the technology looks like. We can foresee a lot of automations coming up. Why not make it happen in SuccessFactors too. In this blog post we will talk about few possible automations using the “SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC) - Integration Center - SAP Cloud Platform Integration (CPI)” – These are just a few examples or possibilities which were achieved by us in recent years. The list goes on.



Here is the list, posted example scenarios for few, and others are very straight forward:

  • Automate the generation of certificates or emails (EC & SAP CPI)

    • Clearance checklist email generation upon approval of resignation (approval process via custom MDF form)

    • Email generated upon successful completion of probation … etc.


  • Automate manual adjustments or deducting balance post valid date (EC Time Off & Integration Center & SAP CPI) –

    • Comp Off


  • Automate identification of change of a role (EC & CPI)

    • Employee turns manager or Identifying the type of Manager based on employment type of team members


  • Automate the generation of report for EC Loans & Advances (EC & SAP CPI)

    • Monthly or Quarterly or Yearly Reports with required fields


  • Automate absences creation (EC Time Off & Integration Center)


  • Automate payment information based on employee job location (EC & CPI)

    • Detect the change of job location of the employee and change the payment mode to cash until employee gets a new bank account


  • Automate deduction of Salary based on disciplinary log (EC & CPI)


  • Automate real time employee data replication to third party system based on events (EC & Integration Center & SAP CPI)


As aforementioned, the list is very minimal, the possibilities are unlimited. I have seen consultants going crazy with the experiments. In fact, my next blog, I will try to take a scenario and post end-to-end configuration steps ?

Expecting the experts to comment their achievements working with the super combination of SuccessFactors Employee Central with Integration Center / SAP CPI.

See you soon with another new blog. Stay Safe & Keep Experimenting!
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