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Scenario: This blog covers the scenario where an employee acts as a Manager or an Alternate Manager for another employee in the hierarchy, in a Non EC BizX – LMS environment.
Note: The users mentioned below in the Employee Hierarchy are the dummy users.

Employee Hierarchy

Hierarchy Details

Points to Note:

  • Manager in BizX = Primary Manager in LMS.

  • Employees data is maintained in the UDF (User Data File) in the BizX. Hence, the Employee - Manager hierarchy is synced from BizX to LMS via connector.

  • The hierarchy involves Employee, Manager mapped in BizX and Alternate Manager managed in LMS.

  • Matrix Manager, Custom Manager, Second Manager & HR Business Partner are not mapped in BizX; which leads to assumption they are not being used in LMS as well.

  • There can be 1 or multiple Alternate Managers for one employee.

  • As default, for all the users, the Person GUID must be same in BizX and LMS.

  • The purge request type for this scenario is ‘Purge Inactive User’.

  • The Employee we are considering here is still ‘Active’ whereas the Manager and Alternate Manager are ‘Inactive’.

Step [1/2]: Data Preparation


  1. Make the Manager and Alternate Manager as ‘Inactive’ in BizX. Making users inactive is the pre-requisite for the purge.

  2. Ensure the connector is run once the user data is updated in UDF. This will ensure that the users are also marked as ‘Inactive’ in LMS.

  3. Prepare the upload file for the Data Purge Request, if you choose the option of ‘Upload a list of users (by User ID or Assignment ID)’. This file will contain the User ID of all the users that needs to be purged.

Result: The Manager and Alternate Manager to be purged are now ‘Inactive’ throughout the BizX and LMS.

Step [2/2]: Data Purge Execution


  1. Schedule and Submit the Data Purge Request ‘Purge Inactive User’.

  2. Review and Approve the Data Purge Request.

  3. Conduct validations post the purge job is successfully completed.

You can follow the blog: SAP SuccessFactors Non-EC BizX – LMS Data Purge using DRTM, where I have explained end-to-end data purge execution process, recommendations and tips.

Result: The ‘Purge Inactive User’ job is scheduled, executed and validated successfully.

Screenshot from LMS before running purge

Screenshot Before Purge

Screenshot from LMS after running purge

Screenshot After Purge


You can see:

  1. The Primary Manager field is blank.

  2. Manage Alternate Managers options is ‘disabled’.


It is always advised to review and update the organisation hierarchy prior to conducting the above mentioned activities, to avoid any sudden impact on employee’s data or learning activities, caused by non-availability of the Primary Manager and Alternate Manager in LMS.

I hope the above scenario gives you enough clarity to plan and execute similar data purge activities at your client.

Happy Learning!
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