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The blog is based on updates from SAP on SFTP June 2017 Version 8.

The purpose of SuccessFactors SFTP: Like any other, SuccessFactors Secure File Transfer Protocol ensures that data is securely transferred using a private and safe data stream. The primary purpose is to transfer data, but it is also used to obtain general access to the FTP server's file system. Integrating with 3rd party for inbound and outbound data, background job for Onboarding syncs, Automating Data Imports and Exports via a Scheduler, receive backup copy of instance refresh/clone etc…. primarily used for Employee Central, Onboarding, Learning and Work Force Analytics

SuccessFactors provides a Graphical SFTP client by GlobalSCAPE, Inc which can be accessed by one of below URLs based on where one gets hosted.


Option 1: Customer requests via One Support Launchpad (recommended)

SAP treats clients SFTP credentials as confidential information and does not easily provide it to even authorized partners.

Authorized client’s launchpad administrator needs to create a new incident with medium priority with the following information.

  • Preview/test instance company ID (System Type):

  • Prod instance company ID (System Type):

  • Customer # (Installation):

  • Data Center (System ID):

  • Email of authorized recipient:

  • Platform: BizX/ONB/LMS/WFA


  • Customers will get only ‘one’ production and ‘one’ test SFTP account irrespective of the number of instances they have.

  • Additional SFTP example Development SFTP account is free of charge can be requested however Client must provide a valid justification for requesting a third account on the ticket and granted only on the approval from the SAP Platform team.

  • It would be wise to request for BizX, ONB & LMS in the same ticket if these modules are being implemented as it’s done via Folder Structure Creation. It’s usually a separate folder structure that gets created by the provisioning team vs different credentials for models. A single SFTP account is used for multiple product module support at this time. In case of serialized deployment customer can get different SFTP for moduels

Turnaround time to receive SFTP is usually 1-3 days.

Authorized recipient via email from SFTP Provisioning Support Team will receive separate emails with subject SFTP Account for "XXXXX, Inc." for 1) SFTP username 2) SFTP password 3) SFTP URL

Option 2: Partner requests via hcmcloudops portal (not recommended)

Incidents created by partners on behalf of clients can get rejected advice from SAP is customer needs to request on launchpad and if unavoidable then partner may request via hcmcloudops portal and must be accompanied by client approval letter attached.

Operations requests --> Request forms --> Request for SFTP Credentials

SFTP Provisioning Support team and/or Fault Management Center (FMC) provides SFTP URL and credentials via email in 2-3 days from the creation of COSR ticket


Good to know items:

  • SAP does not currently enforce a password reset policy. If the customer wishes to change the password, this can be communicated via support portal.

  • SFTP password change or reset request must be submitted via support portal.

  • All SFTP stored data has a lifecycle of 14 days maximum. This rule is implemented by SAP to maintain reasonable storage availability.

  • All SFTP stored data is kept in the same form as it is sent by the customer. No encryption on stored files is currently implemented.

  • Large file size & large file count needs to be avoided. If stored files are presenting a critical issue to other customers because of exhausted storage volume SAP maintains the right to remove the files.

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