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This Idea came in my mind as I worked on multiple projects and multiple customer in many geographies.

Customer SMEs or the IT System owner often complains that Our users are not adapting the solution. So I thought from my Point of View about the cause of the same.

When SAP Sales team make the sales call with any customer, they connects with CIO or sometime CHRO and procurement team. they look at the system and look at the WOW factors of SyccessFactors. Finally customer purchase the product.

As soon as it goes to implementation customer SMEs started feeling that System is not fit for purpose. or they do not like it. There are many reason behind it but one of the reason that we as a partners missing is selling the product to SME. We always focus on implementing the business process like we were doing in traditional SAP HCM Era. But we forgot to the WOW factors to our customers.

Then the question arise how SuccessFactors is different then SAP HCM? Is it only differ because it is on cloud or it is based on best practice or it is accessible from everywhere and from any device?

No, There is one more thing which we miss is the UI of successFactors. We as a partner do not spend time on Theme Manager. Where the Major consulting is required. We generally tell our customer that SuccessFactors screens should match your branding. or we say you give us your color preference and we will configure.

What needs to be done here. We need to consult customer on the UI of the SF Instance. It is not necessary that  SF Instance UI looks always based on external branding but it could be based on the culture of the organization. SuccessFactors will be mostly used by Internal employees so let the theme of the system be more relevant to culture rather then Corporate Branding. Team can change the theme based on Local Events like during winter the theme should be more with Snow or may be a polar bear. During Christmas Santa may come on screen UI.

For example, A graphic design customer can choose a very good designed image as a background image. or some cartoons as a system header. something like this. This will create more interest in End users. HRD can put the creativity and employee engagement with this small changes as well.

I would compare my idea with say and Mobile phone. What attracts more when we switch on the cell phone for the first time, Answer is the home screen image. Do we actually make a call first to see whether call quality is good or not. We generally check the camera quality rather then checking ease of operation. Same goes with the Systems as well. UI attracts more then the actual function.

We need to give same importance to Platform capability during the implementation as Employee central or Recruiting solutions.

There are many powerful features are there as part of Platform such as Theme manager, Job Profile Builder, People profile, Integration center etc.

So Its time to Love your work. and let end users also start loving their work.

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