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When the landscape is for Employee Central Payroll >> S/4 HANA often one gets curious as to how does the posting documents gets posted & viewed in S/4 HANA. I too faced the same hurdles when I started off my project in the same environment. True, SAP Blogs, Community Q&A’s, Best Practices does provide useful insights for a first time beginner like me working in a distributed environment but to add to the many guides provided, I will try my level best to simplify the entire process with my experience.

Here taking an example of Productive Live Payroll Posing once executed via Payroll Control Center the status of the posting documents changes to Created, Released, Transferred as we follow each step. The entire flow where posting documents are in distributed systems, like S4 & ECP, IDOCS are generated for posting documents for a particular posting run. The IDOCS are transferred to the source system in which documents are posted via ALE interface. Once transferred, the documents are posted to the pertinent accounting tables. How to further view the posting documents in S/4 HANA, I will explain in the below sections.

The basic checks should be completed for one to view the posted documents: -

  • Posting can run through Payroll control center.

  • No errors while checking posting documents in simulation. [to further check the correct assignment of Wage types to GL Accounts in ECP system one can view the Wage Type Assignment - Display G/L Accounts report -PC00_M99_DKON to also view the RFC destination established to its source system.]

  • GL Accounts are configured in S/4 HANA system.

  • Defining symbolic accounts & assigning to Balance & Expense Accounts should be done in both systems. [Posting Characteristics of WT’s is not necessary to configure in S/4Hana]

  • If messages in PCP0 like the ones ’‘Account assignment object check took place in logical system, Document check for G/L account document took place in logical system‘‘ are encountered it means configurations for the AC System as the sending system/client and the HR System as the receiving system/server & RFC Destinations are completed in S/4 Hana system.

The below diagram gives us a brief overview of how the payroll posting via ALE is transferred to SAP Financials.

Source Ref: Employee Central Payroll using Point-to-Point Integration Guide


Re-producing the steps from executing Productive Posting in Payroll control center to check documents posted in HANA.

  1. Executing the Productive Live Payroll Posting in Payroll Control Center

Source Ref: Employee Central Payroll -Development instance


2) Performing the first step of creating posting documents.

Source Ref: Employee Central Payroll -Development instance


3) Performing the second step of releasing posting documents.

Source Ref: Employee Central Payroll -Development instance


4) Performing the third step of transferring posting documents.

Source Ref: Employee Central Payroll -Development instance


5) As and when each steps are processed in Payroll Control Center the posting run number is created and is assigned the status of "Documents created" and is saved. The same is also for the steps "Release" & "Documents Transferred" where we can see below, that the status of the run number changes in PCP0 as and when each step in Productive Posting in Payroll Control Center is executed. Before posting the final documents one has to release the documents.

Source Ref: Employee Central Payroll -Development instance


6) Once the documents have been transferred successfully one can log into the source system to check the documents posted in SAP Financials. Execute the transaction code BKPF (Accounting Document Header) which stores the header lines for accounting documents. Do remember the document run number is different in ECP & HANA. Hence to verify by which run number we can  check the posting document HANA one can check the same in BKPF table. By filtering the Reference procedure with HRPAY one can view the HR documents transferred from ECP to HANA system.

Source Ref: S/4 HANA -Development instance


7) One can view and match the documents in both systems by filtering the Document Number [ Number generated in HANA] & Object key [Documents generated in ECP].

Source Ref: S/4 HANA -Development instance


8) One can check the documents through T-code FB03 which is used to display finance documents.

Source Ref: S/4 HANA -Development instance


9) Below is a sample of the posting documents in S/4 HANA.

Source Ref: S/4 HANA -Development instance

Below attached are few links which will redirect to information kits which are provided by SAP itself for everybody's reference.

  1. Integration between Payroll & Finance

  2. SAP Best Practices Explorer- 1NL

To summarize the above on successful completion of payroll run, if the systems are distributed the posting of payroll results from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll to the SAP Financials application can be viewed through the above mentioned pathways. It is very important to understand the integration scenarios for Payroll postings from SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central Payroll and Finance in SAP S/4HANA which allows to post payroll results.

Thank you !!


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