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Welcome back to our video series covering position reclassification.  In Part 1, we explained what position reclassification is (the ability to sync back changes from the employee to the position and why it's so useful (it enables simple, one-step updates to employees).

In part 2 (today) we are going to highlight a couple of scenarios where the position reclassification does not sync back to the position.  The scenarios:

  • HR correction to employee records (via the "clock" instead of via the "pencil")

  • Person updating the employee's record forgets to set the "Move position under the new manager's position" radio button to "Yes".

The downside of these gaps is that the employee structures and the position structures can get out of sync. This undermines confidence in the system.

Do not despair! I have developed a process to ensure that the employee changes always sync back to the position.  In the video, I will demonstrate the new process.

In part 3 of this series (coming up!) I will go step-by-step through setting up the new process so that anyone can try out this enhancement for themselves in their SuccessFactors system.