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Today begins a 3-part video series covering position reclassification. Position reclassification is the automatic update to the position after making a data update to the holder of the position. This is one of the most useful and least understood areas of Employee Central. Why is this so useful? It's covered in depth in the video below:

  • What specific business scenarios position reclassification is made for

  • What is the relationship between positions and employees

  • Demonstration 1: Promotion the old way (position update first)

  • Demonstration 2: Promotion the new way (employee update first)

  • Wrap-up


This video took several hours of research, recording, and editing. If you work in Employee Central, I ask you to indulge me the time it takes for you to watch the video. I would love to hear in the comments how you are using this "write-back" capability, or if not, why not.

It is my opinion that this should be a much bigger part of the discussion of how to use EC technology to improve HR business processes. I am hoping after watching this video you will agree!

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