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This blog post explains the process of purging the partially created External Users in Onboarding 2.0.


Some Organizations use external solutions for the recruitment process and choose to use SuccessFactors for Onboarding, HR Core (Employee Central) and so on.

In these cases an integration should be set up with multiple entities like External User, Biographical Information, Personal Information, Job Information etc. in a sequence to create candidates. The User ID gets generated the moment the External User entity is upserted. In case the data was insufficient in the source file for any other entities or missed data for mandatory fields, the partial External Users get created in SuccessFactors.

These partial records have to be purged permanently due to this.


Step 1: Make the status of the candidate/external users inactive

ONB 2.0 doesn't allow to manually update/edit status of the candidate in the instance.

Here, an Integration Center Job can be created to upsert the status of the candidate. The status has to be defaulted to 'd' to make the candidate inactive in Onboarding.

Click here (KBA/Note 3141240) for the detailed process of creating the IC Job.

Once the Job is created, filter with the User Id's as required and run the job when necessary instead of scheduling job on a recurring basis as this scenario comes less frequently.

Step 2: Purge the Inactive User

Navigate to Data Retention Management to do the purge process.

Create a new purge request and select the Purge Inactive User as the purge request type.

Make sure There is data for this user in Employee Central (EC) is unchecked.

Note: Common step which may be missed in the setup of purging a user in an instance with LMS enabled is mentioned here (KBA/Note 2179378). Make sure this is also setup before purging the inactive users.

Once the soft purge is completed, do the permanent purge using System Identifier Purge in the Data Retention Management.


Hope this blog post was useful.

Thank You!

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