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This is in continuation to my blog on Understanding importance of mapping Person id and User id during SuccessFactors Data Imports (Conver....

Process of swapping the ids may take anywhere between weeks to months. This doesn't mean that your Data Imports/Conversions will be standstill. You can still carry on your mock conversions in the SFSF Development instance by following below approach.

Download the user data file by using 'Employee Export'. as shown below.

The field STATUS can have a value either active or inactive. You can make the existing records inactive and load a new basic info file by copying the existing records and transforming userid/username. The remaining fields shall remain the same.

For example -

Let's say current id for an employee is 12345.

You can duplicate to 1012345

Make the 12345 record inactive

Then upload this updated UDF with inactive and new active records. This way you will be able to complete your mock conversion which will include importing Global Assignments (GA) and concurrent employments (CE).

As I mentioned in my other blog that SAP asks for the mapping of old to new ids. When they do, you should give the mapping of original ids and exclude the temporary (i.e. duplicate which you copied from original) ids from the mapping file to make sure only the actual/valid ids of employees are taken into account because temporary ids are created just to do the mock conversions.

This way the project timelines for mock conversions will not get affected too much.

Note: Please make sure you understand the architecture in terms of integrations of various SFSF modules which are already live at your customer and accordingly follow this approach because for example if you have LMS also live in another instance then data flow from your development instance to LMS may get affected.

You need to find interim solutions to make sure other things don't break while you follow this approach.

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