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In SAP SuccessFactors (SFSF) Employee Central (EC), when a host record is created when employee goes on Global Assignment (GA) the employee status of home record becomes dormant.

Note: Dormant status doesn't mean Inactive. Dormant means Paused. The home assignment is paused.

In EC we have employee status as an attribute of the Event reason as shown below.

When event is executed the employee status in Jobinfo portlet is derived from this attribute.

As per business scenarios you may need to execute some actions/events on the home assignment of the record. Example - Customer wants to execute promotion on the home record rather than host record. The problem here is when promotion is executed the employee status will change from Dormant to Active.

If the status of home record will also become active then it will create issues in Reporting or Integrations where you have filters to pull only Active employees.

To overcome this issue you can leave the employment status as blank for events which should not change the employee status. When you do this the employee status remains the same.

After making this change in the event reason, when you execute promotion on home record the employee status remains dormant. That means employee home assignment is still paused while promotion has been executed.

Another example, Let's say your customer has a business process where employee can be promoted while on LOA. In this case also you can keep the employee status attribute as blank for LOA event reason.

When you execute promotion an employee on Paid/Unpaid leave, the employee status remains Paid/Unpaid leave even after executing promotion, the employee status will not become Active.
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