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In a world where Organization now use multiple different tools to track People performance, data stories have become critical for quickly conveying the most important numbers to teams within your Organization.

What is Stories?

Stories is the latest addition in the SAP Successfactors people analytics module which makes interactive report dashboard using live SAP successfacactors data.

Story design is process of exploring the data which has been modeled using query Design, to interactively find insights and visualize information.With data coming from across modules, stories can create cross module reports with minimum effort.

SAP successfactors People analytics Story : New Story

Key features of stories

Multi source multi page report stories

SAP Successfactors People analytics Stories : Learning dashboard

Report stories allows creator to consolidate data from multiple SAP Successfactors modules and setup multiple pages within a single story. This helps with reducing number of reports and easier navigation

Stakeholder can get a comprehensive view of report on the Story Report and this will help the reporting admin to maintain fever reports and documents.

Query Designer


SAP Successfactors People analytics Stories : Query Designer

A new UI component inside the report center for users to design and build queries on the data foundation.Model generated by query designer allows user to report on data by adding filters,measures and calculated attributes to query definitions.

It is first step in Story designing, which leverage the data coming from multiple SAP successfactors can search the schema to find tables and use drag and drop functionality for the query building.with query designer a Report Admin with little to no knowledge about coding can make complex report in no time.

Calculated columns

Calculated Column is a derived column which can be created during query design. Calculated Columns can be created by applying supported formula functions to filed which are selected in query design.

Supported formula are; functions (Length(),DAY(),ISNULL(),etc) ,Operators(‘+’,’-‘,’*’,’/’) and conditions (AND,OR,’>’,’<’).

Linked Analysis (Interactive dashboards)

Linked analysis allows you to make dashboard interactive. you can add filters, rules and other component to page. clicking one chart can filter other chart and tables in the story.

It serves different users with a single dashboard, thus reducing the work for the reporting team.

Data exploration can be added to any chart, allowing the self service ability to explore the data further on their own. You can filter and drill down the data for more insights without raising ticket to reporting team for new reports

Data Security

Data access is defined automatically based on Role Based Permission (RBP) settings from admin center. This allow us to show the data to end user as per the Role Based Permission. the data a user can see in a story is also specific to their individual access. This simplifies the administrative overhead by removing the need for duplicate report permission group.

Standard Templates

Story templates are available via new Report store capability.these are pre-built examples to aid the transition to stories.Templates can be modified as per the need or you can take inspiration from template related to Employee central and replicate the same for Learning is the visual tool to see how data is displayed within Stories.

Wrap Up

SAP Successfactors People analytics has introduced Single unified analytics solution“stories” Delivered via report center ,which create interactive dashboard from Intelligently joining across modules.with help of Secured role based access stories create People centric data with privacy and protection.

SAP successfactors People analytics Data availability


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