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Recently, Onboarding 2.0 get involved our Talent Process and it provides lots of beneficial points in New Hire process. SuccessFactors modules are linking with each other and we need to consider talent modules should have same structure in some points end of the day. In this blog, I want to mention that How the Recurring Payments transfer from RCM to ONB 2.0. That's why we want to give a very clear information How to pass Compensation Information to ONB 2.0 Manage pending hires page.


In this case, salary details are decided by Compensation users in RCM application side. The salary detail should include Pay Component type, Currency, Frequency and finally Amount fields. In addition, Pay component, Currency and Frequency must be codes what are used in EC side because even fields' value not equal to Foundation object's code, Candidate's compensation details can not be passed to other modules. That's why you can see the Pay Component value is defined as "TUR/1000" refers to Monthly Gross Wage and Frequency of Pay component value is defined as "MON" which is refers to Monthly, external code of Monthly in EC suite.

Pay Component Structure in EC

You can pass Pay Component Recurring payment with this way. If you don't want to set values as external code of Pay components' structure, you can try to create a business rule for them and hide these key fields and try to send Onboarding on behind. This is also be tested and it works.

In this article, our structure is very clear to manage when the compensation user states the Pay Country, Salary type and salary frequency as Monthly or Hourly, the Pay Components Structure triggered automatically based on the selections in Salary Determination statuses on Pipeline. There is a business rule on behind with this way, we avoid the false selection of pay components in RCM suite. The rule is working with onChange as well as onSave rule type.

Business Rule in RCM

Compensation user which is RCM operator role, edits and states these values in application statuses.

Application fields in RCM

Furthermore, you can concurrently send two different pay components to Onboarding 2.0.

Don't forget for Onboarding 2.0 process:

Internal candidate's crossboarding action should be transferred with event mapping from Recruiting. If the mapping does'not include event, the compensation details could'nt be passed.

New Recruits Page


As you know that, every module has own structure and common process with others. At this point, we can reduce to spend same effort in modular structure what they exist on the another sides. For this reason, we can pass Recurring Payments from Recruiting to Onboarding 2.0 as well as EC side .I hope that it is very clear and easy to manage customer’s Recurring Payment’s transfer with this way.

More Information:

Customers can also refer to the following Knowledge Base Articles to learn Recruiting with EC integration:

2727713 - "Mapping considerations for pay component fields for EC integration with Onboarding or Recruiting"

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