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This article shows how the 'Overall Form Rating' can still be source for overall rating when 'Performance Potential Summary' section is enabled within the Performance Form Template.

Some organisations would like to retain the Performance-Potential section in the performance form for managers to only provide the ‘Potential Rating’ and use the overall summary section to provide the final manual performance rating (Overall Form Rating). Some of the reasons why this requirement to retain the overall summary section (to provide Overall Form/Performance Rating) and the performance – potential section (to provide Potential Rating) within the performance form are:

  1. In the overall summary section, rating descriptors are shown when clicking on the ‘?’ icon

  2. Overall calculated rating and section wise (Goals/competency) ratings are available as a summary as well in this section

  3. Overall Rating might have to be a star or radio button option rather than a drop down


The below steps would help make this work and help pull the ratings automatically into calibration.


  1. Performance-Potential Summary section is enabled

  • Allow overall potential rating to be edited is enabled, but allow overall performance rating to be edited is disabled

Performance and Potential Summary Section

  1. The Rating scale used in the Performance Form template and the rating scale used in the ‘Matrix Grid – Rating Scales’ for ‘Performance’ should match


Performance form Rating scale


Matrix Grid Rating Scale for Performance

  1. If using calibration, the template will need to have the ‘Overall Form Rating’ and ‘Overall Potential Rating’ to be enabled and added to the view of your choice – in my example, I have used the X and Y axis for the ratings, to populate the matrix.


Calibration Settings


Calibration Matrix view

  1. If you are using the ‘Unable to Rate’ functionality within the performance form template, you will need to ensure a couple of things – this is explained with details further down (Part B)

    1. ‘Matrix Grid- Performance Potential’ has ‘Too New to Rate’ enabled

    2. The XML for performance form is updated with the code to capture ‘Too New to Rate’

How this works:

Part A: When 'Unable to Rate' is not used

In this section, I have not enabled the ‘Unable to Rate’ functionality within the Performance form, therefore the manager will be required to provide a rating.


Below is the manager view of the performance form rating section before the ratings are provided.

View of Performance form before ratings are provided


Once the manager has provided their rating, the form looks like below


View of performance form once ratings are provided

Once the performance form is in the required step to start calibration, and when the calibration session is started, below would be seen.


View in calibration

View in calibration Matrix

Part B: When 'Unable to Rate' is used

I am now enabling the ‘Unable to Rate’ functionality within the performance form template

Overall Summary Section - Unable to Rate


As you would recall from the implementation guide


In case that users give a manual rating in the summary section, we recommend that rating scales should be consistent in both sections, including the Unrated and Too New to Rate configurations. So, the rating in the performance potential summary section is updated automatically.

And to meet this recommendation, we will need to add the highlighted code to the XML of the Performance form template. Please note: This cannot be done from Manage Templates, and for already created templates you will need to engage with your partner or SAP PS.

XML update for Performance form template

Also, please note you will need to enable the ‘Too new to rate’ within the ‘Matrix Grid- Performance Potential’ section found in admin centre.

Matrix Grid Performance Potential Update

Once the above settings have been enabled, the new rating option will appear for managers:

Ratings with Too New to Rate option

Rating in Performance form:

Rating in performance form

Corresponding view of Rating in calibration:

Rating in calibration

Rating in Performance form:

Rating in performance form

Corresponding view of Rating in calibration:

Ratings in calibration


Things to note:

  1. I generally enable ‘Allow overall performance rating to be edited’ within the performance form template for the first round of testing to make sure it auto populates. I provide the Overall form rating, click on ‘Save and Close’ and then re-open the form to check if the ‘Performance Rating’ within the Performance Potential Section has been auto-populated. If it has then good days, if it hasn’t you will need to check the rating scales and if they match.

  2. If you are using the Performance-Potential Matrix grid within the performance form, please ensure the ‘Matrix Grid – Performance Potential’ configuration found in admin centre, has the right rating scales associated with it.


Hope this article clarifies how you could still use the ‘Overall Form Rating’ from the Summary Section as the Overall rating, when ‘Performance-Potential’ summary section is enabled.

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