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Problem Statement

We have a concept is SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting to have one Job requisition with One position. This concept works well with the organization where they can have multiple positions posted.

Let us have an example of a manufacturing industry, They have 10 position for Electricians and Company Recruiting team has a choice to post either 10 jobs in the market because in SAP ECC Organization management they will have 10 positions and as a result of Integration 10 Job Requisitions are created. Another way is to create one requisition which has a reference of the those 10 requisition with Number of Opening as 10.

The second solution will create a confusion and reporting problem as the number of requisition in SAP SuccessFactors and SAP ECC / SAP SuccessFactors Employee central Will defer.

This case may occur in the case of Employee central also if they have 1 FTP per position. And as per the Business process they cannot have multiple incumbent on one position. This will create a problem despite of using the best practice solution to have one position one person and one job requisition.


Possible Solution

As a solution I generally suggest to my customers that you create only one vacancy in either SAP Org Management or SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central and update “Number of Opening” with the number of actual position in Job Requisition in SAP SuccesFactors Recruiting. We can create some rule or report which gives the number of position based on same role or same job code.

Once we have Job requisition created and ready to be posted. Then we just have to complete the recruiting process and Candidate selection process in SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting.

Once the recruiting process ends that again brings three roads:

  1. To the Onboarding: When we have SuccessFactors Onboarding in the landscape then all the candidate data, Job Requisition data, Offer data will migrate to Onboarding and there we can have a position number field which can be made editable or create a custom field where we can map Position on which Job requisition was created and standard position field for actual position on which candidate is going to hire. In that can at the end of Onboarding process, Actual Position number will flow the HRIS system i.e SAP ECC or Employee central or other non SAP HRIS.

  2. To the Employee Central: This case when we have direct hiring without Onboarding. In this case we can select not to pass Position number from Recruiting and enter position number at the time of hiring which will be the actual position. So within SAP SuccessFactors we have the record that from which job requisition, new hire came and on which position the new hire actually hired.

  3. To External HRIS System: This case when we have external HRIS System like SAP ECC or Oracle HRMS etc. in that case also we can follow the same method which we have used in case of Employee central and not to pass the position number from Recruiting and Enter position number at the time of Hiring.

By this way we can achieve the position management and Job requisition management. This practice I have suggested to some customers and they are actually using it.

Where in Some customer uses the first option to have all the requisition to be created in SuccessFactors and one consolidated requisition is created with the total number of required candidate equal to actual job requisition. In this case Customers are creating a dummy requisition and take the candidate application on dummy requisition and shortlist candidate they move the application to an un-posted master job which will actually go the HRIS.
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