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In many SuccessFactors implementation, Onboarding configuration follow what is configured in Employee Central for the phone number ie: have a field for Country Code, a field for Area Code and then capture the phone number. For onboarding compliance process (USA only), the phone number that is transferred to the I9 forms transfers only the phone number and leaves out the area code. When this happens the work around will be to provide permission to the external onboarding role, to be able to edit the phone number in the I9 form.

Beside this workaround, we have another workaround, where can configure in FieldMetaOverrideConfiguration. In this blog post, I shall share what need to be configured, and how we can mitigate the issue described aboves.


Manage Data

Goto Manage Data. In Create New, enter FieldMetaOverrideConfiguration

Manage Data: FieldMetaOverrirdeConfiguration


Enter the ID as whatever you prefer; for example – PhoneNumber

Change the overrideFields value to Yes

In field supportedTypes enter US_I9

In field metaOverrideType select the option Form Metadata Override

In the section overrideFieldMetadatas for the field id, enter phoneInfo.phoneNumber

In the field source, select the option Prepopulated Employee Central Fields Metadata

Leave the field oldFieldsMeta blank

In the field overrideFieldsMeta enter the below code as-is

"entity": "phoneInfo",
"field": "phoneNumber",
"filters": {

Click Save.

After configuration the table should look similar to the figure below

Configured table



You can test by either pushing a new onboarding record. Or by using an existing record that is in i9 step 1 process step.



This configuration will wipe out the phone number from being displayed in the I9 form - the external onboardee can either fill in the phone number or leave it blank.

With this workaround, the errors that we will see in the e-verify process due to incorrect phone number is mitigated.

Do leave comments below, if you have other work arounds (Other that providing permissions in the RBP)

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