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When configuring Onboarding for US customers, we might come across situations, where after activating I9 and e-Verify in the config step Compliance Settings, we run into an issue where the I9 related sytem tables are not available in Manage Data.

I9 System Tables

More often than not, we come across this scenario, when there are missing configurations.

Here, I am sharing some tips that we can use to double check that all configurations are in place (correct):

  • In Provisioning, ensure the job BizX Daily Rules Processing Batch job is setup and is not throwing any errors.

    • This job is critical. In Onboarding, all the compliance forms are maintained in a separate media server. This job ensures that the updates (if any) in the media server, is brought over and updated in the customer instance.

  • If this job is executing and not throwing any errors, check the RBP settings.

    • Ensure the user who is accessing these tables, have the following permission assigned to their rule:

      • Compliance Object Permissions

  • After setting up the permissions, goto the config step OData API Metadata Refresh and Export and refresh the cache.

More often than not, this should resolve the issue, and you should now be able to view the I9 related system tables in Manage Data, and in the config step Configure Object Definitions.
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