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Onboarding 2.0 – Conditional Data Collection Object Configuration

Conditional paper work/data collection is very common requirement/functionality in Onboarding process which can be achieved by Data Collection Object in SuccessFactors Onboarding 2.0.

Data Collection Object can be configured based on Job Code, Country, Location, Department & any other available field in onboarding data model.

Perquisites for Configuration: Proper RBP should be in place to do the configuration for the “Data Collection Object”.

Configuration steps:

In our example we are creating two objects one for Retail, Store Manager (7000005) job code & another for HR Professional (50029122) job code.

Step 1: Create Custom Objects as per requirement. Admin Center --> Configure Object Definitions.

Custom Object for Store Manager Job Code: It has two fields called as

  • Achievement in Current Organization as Store Manager

  • Anything you want to Attach



Custom Object for HR Professional Job Code: It also has two fields called as

  • What Department you have managed as HR Professional

  • Say Something about your expectation from our Organization

Step 2: Create UI. Admin Center --> Manage Configuration UI. Two different UIs have been created.

Step 3: Associate (One to One Association only) the custom Object to the with ONB2DataCollectionUserConfig Object. Admin Center  --> Configure Object Definitions.

Here Destination & Source Object Column is important.

Step 4: Adding the New Configuration UI Items to the standard Onboarding data collection configuration. Admin Center --> Manage Data

For Store Manager Job: Parking & Store Manager Additional Data UIs have been added

For HR Professional Job: Parking & HR Professional Additional Data UIs have been added

Step 5: Update/Create Business Rule (SAP_ONB2_DataCollectionConfigSelect). Admin Center  --> Configure Business Rules

In the rule based on the Job Code Different Data Collection has been set. For Store Manager Job, Data Collection is “STORE_MANAGER” & for HR Professional Data Collection is “HR_PROF” & there is one default Data Collection for other cases.

All Set. Let’s Test & See the result.

Onboardee with Store Manager Job code can see two items (Parking & Store Manager Related Paper Work) on Complete Additional Onboarding Tasks tile.

“Store Manager Related Paper Work” Looks like below screen.

Onboardee with HR Professional Job code can see two items (Parking & HR Professional Related Paper Work) on Complete Additional Onboarding Tasks tile.

“HR Professional Related Paper Work” Looks like below screen.

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