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There has been quite a bit of rumors surrounding Onboarding, more recently SAP has finally answered with very exciting news regarding Onboarding. Now before you get worried, they are not scrapping the old Onboarding solution but rather revamping Onboarding with significant enhancements. This builds off Onboarding’s current solution, but increases simplification and functionality for Consultants, Corporate Representatives and New Hires. ONB2018 will move the Onboarding solution on to the same platform as SuccessFactors, which is extremely helpful for not just my fellow consultants but end users as well. At any point where there are multiple tools, whether document storage or notifications; SAP is consolidating those into one tool located within the SuccessFactors Platform, reducing duplicate efforts.


Reduction of Duplicate Functionalities

  • Notifications

  • Document Storage

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • RBP

  • SAP Signature Management by DocuSign


Role Based Permissions will now become available in Onboarding with the release of 2018ONB, allowing individual activities to be assigned through RBP. This will also improve task assignment and tracking, giving you the capabilities to see what tasks an individual can do and see.

New tools will also become available within Onboarding with the 2018ONB release, like the extension center, which is basically a library of objects but it also allows the creation of custom objects to capture information that might not live in EC. Recruit to Hire is a tool, which will eliminate over half the mapping work required for RCM-ONB-EC integrations. Business Rules and many other EC tools will also have much more functionality within the Onboarding instance after this release. The new Document Form Creation Tool, will utilize business rules as it allows you to upload the document, map the fields and then assign a business rule.


Adoption of EC and Platform Technologies

  • Business Process Engine

  • Business Rules Engine

  • Extension Center

  • Data Stored in EC Structures

  • Fiori based Consistent User Experience for all Roles

  • External User


ONB2018 will also adopt the External User functionality to address security concerns and allow users to have access to Onboarding data and tasks before Day 1. New Hires will also enter personal information on a new user-friendly interface, similar to the New Hire Interface in EC.

ONB2018 was needed to overcome implementation complexities, reduce engineering efforts, and improve sales demos. This tighter integration with the Employee Central, allowed for these new improvements and adoption of EC foundation objects and business rules.

SAP currently does not have a definite timeline on the release of ONB2018, they are currently seeking early adopters to test. Migration packages are also in the works, however they have not decided whether these migration packages will cost anything yet.


Summary of Benefits


  • Streamlined Configuration, no longer a need to use multiple tools to configure

  • Improved Data Mapping Tool

  • No need to sync instances

Corporate Representative

  • A more simplified and flexible solution

  • Reduced duplicate effort, with tools merging

  • Custom Objects and Business Rules

  • Increased use of SAP SuccessFactors Platform Technologies

New Hire

  • A much more engaging and simplified user experience

  • Have access to Onboarding Solution prior to Day 1

Additional 2018 Release Information

New regulations in the EU and a growing concern around DataSecurity caused a delay in the release of ONB2018 as SAP looked to improved data privacy for customers. With EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect in late May, SAP prioritized complying with these Regulations, but also improving general data privacy. These new features below are aimed at protecting the privacy of end users, and ensuring data subjects have great control over their personal information.

New Data Privacy Features:

  1. Change Logging: logging and reporting of changes to Personal Data

  2. Read Access Logging: logging and reporting of any view of Sensitive Personal Data (information on racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, health, personal data concerning bank and credit accounts, and national ID)

  3. Data Subject Information Reporting: Customers can report on a User’s Data stored in SuccessFactors

  4. Data Purge: Data Retention Configuration and Support for Permanent Data Purge

  5. Consent: Ability to Obtain Consent when a Candidate starts the Onboarding Process

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